Re: Lotte Lemon Band Website

Responsive Lotte Lemon band website

Last summer, I designed Lotte Lemon’s website. Up until very recently, the website was but a high-fidelity prototype on Figma.

I’ve been wanting to create a live version of the website, but due to my limited coding abilities and the rigidness of most website builders, I felt stuck. When I learned about Webflow, a flexible website builder that utilizes many CSS concepts, I saw an opportunity to bring Lotte Lemon’s website to life.

Although I was unable to replicate the semicircle navigation and the free Webflow plan did not allow for more than two pages, I focused on making the “home” and “music” pages responsive for all devices. Webflow provided several breakpoints from screen widths of 479px to 1920px.

I chose to make a collapsable navigation for screen sizes of tablets and smaller so that the interface was less cluttered and the focus could be on the initial content. I also used the same colors and font as the Figma prototype to match the brand style.

Overall, this was a useful experience in that I was able to learn how to use Webflow and reinforce my understanding of CSS, but there is definitely still much more to learn. You can find the live website at



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