Communication is important in our life

There are many different types of people in this world, the relationship between people is community. This is the word “ Communication” in my dictionary. Some people are shy, they don’t want to talk with others; But some people are outgoing, they like to talk with someone else and make friend with them. In my opinion, communication is really important for people to people( face to face), I have some ideas such as delivery and access to information, communicate is good for mental, communicate also is a good way to make friends.

First of all, I think communication has many benefits, it likes what I want to say: Delivery and access to information. Information to plenitude our life, there are many information or mission we need to prove and understand. The only way to reach that perfect point is communicate. On the other hand, communicate is also a way to make life easier. People like to ask someone to deliver something, in this case, people have to communicate and get information to finish these stuff. Thus, people are using communicate to delivery and access to information.

Second, Healthy is the most variable thing in the life. If you lose health and you lost life, people will not to do anything whatever wealth, love, work… you will lose all of those things. According to one of professor who is in the Stanford University said, Social activities and communicate is good for mental health. During the communicate, I think you will get mental released, your spirit will open and let you be more outgoing. In addition, that is a good thing also is a good way to change mind and be more healthy. The key of successful is “ communicate”.

Last, friends are the important people in one’s life. Friends will solve all of the problem that you got and they know your heart better than your parents. I also think making friends also is the important course that we need to take. People are making friends according to their habits, sports, taste and so on. Therefore, I think communicate also is a way to make friends, they are using community to know each other and depend them to be friends. In my ideas, communicate is the basic when you are making friends. Therefore, I think communicate also is a good way to make friends.

All in all, communicate is very important in our life, we should use them into life, work, study… I also made some points of why it is significant when you access of information, is good for your mental and it is the easy way to make friends.

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