The “Neon Mansion” — Coming October 15th

Enzo Fiore
Watch the teaser above

You might be thinking… Enzo, what the hell is the “Neon Mansion”?

I’d be wondering the same thing.

Here’s a short answer.

I have teamed up with a PR group called “Society PR”, who specialize in branding luxury properties.

The “NEON MANSION” is my new listing in the Holmby Hills neighborhood, debuting on the market at $49,500,000.

We have teamed up with the Inman Connect Conference, to hold the conference opening party at the “Neon Mansion”.

On October 15th, we will debut the house on an incredible night, with the top brokers in the country and tons of great brand partnerships coming together for an incredible soiree.

Your next question is most likely… Enzo, who’s going to buy the house?

That one, you will have to eagerly wait for!

10350 Wyton Dr, The “Neon Mansion”

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