Compiling software on 64-bit Linux

Compiling software on 64-bit Linux is usually pretty straight forward, and your traditional intervals of ./configure && make && make install tend to do the trick.

Sometimes however, some pieces of software get confused as to where certain dependencies and libraries will be. In my particular case, I was trying to compile PostgreSQL’s UUID extension for my 64-bit Slackware 14.2 instance.

Despite having the requisite OSSP-UUID on my system, the configuration wasn’t catching. Pointing it to the 32-bit library directory did the trick:

./configure --with-ossp-uuid --with-libs=/usr/local/lib

Later on, I believe when I was trying to load the extension, it kept failing on finding the UUID dynamic library. I decided at that point to make a symbolic link:

ln -s /usr/local/lib/ /usr/lib64/