KARATCOIN — The Most Promising ICO

To maintain trade turnovers in global economic relations, to guarantee guarantees of independence and financial stability, each state forms a gold and foreign exchange reserve, and these resources together form the gold reserves of the countries of the world. The volume of ingots stored in the state reserve, characterized the national wealth: the most valuable currency of the state with the maximum accumulation of their metal blanks. Printing each banknote was justified, because the bill, depending on the nominal value was provided with the exact value of precious grams or milligrams. In this way, the currency was kept from large inflation, but even with the devaluation of bills, only their value relative to gold fell. The centralized gold reserves of the countries of the world are currently regarded as a reserve for international payments and the maintenance of foreign economic relations. But the common man also has the right to accumulate his own fortune by investing money in the purchase of gold.

Therefore, the company Karatcoin https://karatcoin.co/ keeps up with the times and offers a project that combines the cryptographic world with a physical asset — gold! The company will create a new economy that focuses on decentralized financial services, providing both stable and aggressive investments associated with market fluctuations, as well as feeding the financial support needed for future projects. At the same time, it will also create an ecosystem for developers, which will use Karatcoin tokens as the basis for various developments that accelerate the introduction of blockchain technology.

The main goal of the project is to create a platform for trading gold certificates through the circulation of the KCD token, as well as the opportunity to save and exchange currency using gold cards. Karatcoin is building a platform in which millions of investors can find the best golden opportunities for investment, trading and exchange without worrying about traceability.

Karatcoin products will be available on the market developed inside the blockchain. He will be the first to have a full DPoS consensus product portfolio that will provide a triple advantage in verification speed, security and rewards for cryptocurrency holders.

DAO token (KCD) — this is a cryptocurrency, which is a fast and convenient payment method. The DAO token will give its owner the right to vote at all events of the Karat Foundation (including the selection of funded gold mines).

Gold token (KCG) — the token used in the Karat blockchain. It is a gram of 99.99% of gold on the London market of precious metals. Redemption at any time through a smart withdrawal contract. Output to fiat or physical gold bullion.

Gold Card — is a wallet containing gold products available on the Karat market. The gold asset card refers to the highlighted asset. Gold card certificates are stored in a cold wallet.

Gold certificate — these are obligations issued by authorized financial institutions. It is a savings account with a fixed term and fixed income. The cost of one certificate is 1000 USD, with a semi-annual yield of 5–6%, which is paid in KCG. All certificates are backed up by gold bars stored in an authorized vault.

Savings Plan acts as follows: the user deposits a certain amount of gold every month, and then buys gold for a fixed amount every trading day in this month.

Karatcoin will create a decentralized DAPP application for the gold market.

Application features: online communication, product management, verification of transactions, the ability to vote for the choice of gold mines, the top 50 available cryptocurrencies, 85 supported currencies, live trades, very fast execution, technical indicators, detailed market analysis, latest news, encryption SHA512.

Sale of Karatcoin tokens on the Ethereum platform (ERC-20) has begun

03.09.2018 and end 11.11.2018
Total number of tokens 24 000 000 KCD at the rate 1 KCD=0,1 USD.
Minimum amount 100 USD.

Tokens are distributed as follows:

25% — sale of ICO
12% — sale PRO private placement
33% — Karat fund
26% — team
4% — advisors

Use of funds:

8% — financial salaries
8% — reserve fund
40% — development
10% — salary to developers
6% — advisors
16% — founder, copyright, licensing
12% — office and marketing

Designability bonus scale starting from 16%. The price depends on how early KCD acquired — the earlier, the higher %.

The Karatcoin team is experienced and enthusiastic professionals ready to translate this project into reality. It brought together experts in the field of cryptocurrency, computing systems, mobile technologies and large-scale application development. These people have a huge amount of experience behind them and a lot of successfully implemented projects, which have been awarded.

The Karatcoin support team is online 24/7. Its experts are ready to provide more complete information about the project and answer all your questions.

Visit: https://karatcoin.co/#tokenSale
Website: https://karatcoin.co
Whitepaper link: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/karatcoin.co/files/docs/KC_WP.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4932340
Telegram: https://t.me/KaratcoinGroup

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