How I Learn..

Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg list ten learning principles that have developed into the pillars of learning as the technological and digital age has come upon us. Below are the five learning principles I found to be most relevant to myself and to my learning style.

A major learning principle for myself is the idea of self learning. With countless resources at your finger tips all over the internet, there are endless possibilities to discovery and learning. Reading a passage or article on one site can easily take you down the rabbit hole on this certain topic and bring you through a maze of different sites.

Another learning principle important in my life is the idea of horizontal structures. Traditionally, before the internet and the rapid distribution of knowledge, education has always been top down, i.e. teachers teach the students. Now, everything has a certain degree of a team dynamic. Today’s world is collaborative and no longer top down.

A third self learning principle is, similar to the previous two, networked learning. This, along the same lines of horizontal structures, networked learning reinforces the idea of teamwork. Individuality is important, but can create a sense of competition that is, in the grand scheme, unnecessary. Cathy N. Davidson writes, “The power of ten working interactively will almost invariably outstrip the power of one looking to beat out the other nine.”

Another self learning principle important in my life sort of spring boards off of all the principles I have discussed so far. This principle is called learning as connectivity and interactivity. Digitally enabled social networking has made the idea teamwork and networking that much more possible. Anyone can utilize the internet and its inhabitants for aid in their educational challenges.

The last major learning principle important in my life is the idea of lifelong learning. This principle outlines the fact that with new advancements in technology allows for the expansion of knowledge on pretty much every topic worth knowing. And with continual expansion of knowledge, you must keep up so as to be able to take on the challenge that comes after. It may seem like an endless loop, but it is all in with the objective of learning.