Teaching Lesson 11/21

My educational focus is both Business and Environmental Studies. The more I look into both topics intertwined as one, the more I realize that both go hand in hand. The global economy has settled for the cheapest and most efficient form of energy. This, however, begs for the use of fossil fuels, and as most of you know, provokes the continuation of global warming.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable resources is and will be one of the hardest things the human race has ever had to do for necessary survival of both our race and our planet. Pollution is cutting lives short all around the world with contamination of air, water, land, etc. Moving to renewable resources means ridding the earth of any more pollution and disallowing contamination to spread sickness and suffering.

As far as my class assignment, I would love to ask each of you to do a few of things. The first thing is to make a conscious change to certain behaviors throughout your day with respect to the environment and energy. Some of these behaviors could include making sure you turn off your lights when you leave a room, making sure your turn off the television when you are no longer watching, shortening showers, turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, bundle up as opposed to use heat, etc. The these things will limit the use of energy from power plants which saves the consumption of fossil fuels. The second thing I ask of all of you is to watch a couple TED talks. These videos are a clear demonstration of the issues at hand and I love utilizing them to learn more about a given topic. You should all watch the following two videos and we can discuss them during my class.

The last thing I will ask all of you to do is to think of a place on Earth. This place could be your hometown, your favorite vacation place, a dream vacation, a famous location, etc. Pick a spot on this planet and find an article, TED talk, other video, etc. involving its connection with the environment. This connection could have any connotation: positive, negative, neutral, or something else. For example, Bali is having a huge issue with sea trash. Their beaches are covered in garbage that has floated across and around the massive Pacific Ocean. Find a place and discover one of its struggles with the environment. There is no need to bring this article in, deeply research, or do anything with it. I am simply asking you all to look into a place you love and see what’s going on there.