“Welcome to Boston, you’re gonna love it!”

A few weeks ago, a former colleague contacted me to let me know that a position was opening up on his team at the company I used to intern for in Madison, and he thought I would be a good fit. It was for a full-time software developer role, with benefits and all that good stuff. This is also a dedicated software company, so the role was basically better in every way than my current position. I did a few phone interviews, and the hiring manager scheduled to have me flown out to Boston to do some in-person interviews at their main office in Waltham, MA. I was told that it should be possible to work remotely from Madison if I took the position, but that I would need to interview on-site in Waltham.

A couple of days later, another former colleague from the same company contacted me to let me know that a position was opening up on his team as well. This team was essentially the team I was part of as an intern, so it was an even better fit. After applying for this position, HR contacted me to let me know that they had scheduled a few more in-person interviews for this other team, and that they had moved my return flight a few hours later to accommodate. Cut to the following Sunday, and I was on a plane to Philadelphia, which was my connection to Boston. I had never flown on a plane before that day, and I would have 4 flights over the next 2 days.

Big tech companies really pull out all the stops to win over potential candidates. A chauffeur wearing a black suit picked me up from the airport in a black Lincoln to take me to my hotel in Waltham. He had my name on a little sign and everything, just like in the movies. After arriving at the hotel, I had just enough time to grab dinner and go to sleep, then I spent the entire following day interviewing and flying back to Milwaukee.

During the next week, HR let me know that both teams wanted to make an offer, but that both of them preferred for me to work in the Waltham office. I told them that I was okay with moving to Boston so long as I received some relocation benefits, and that same Friday I was presented with a generous offer from the team I preferred. I accepted the offer and put in my 2 weeks notice at my current employer the following Monday.

That same day, I was contacted by a representative from the relocation company. We discussed my plans and she gave me an overview of my relocation benefits. It turns out that this company covers basically all expenses involved in moving across the country. They’ll move my apartment and my car. They’ll pay for a trip out to find a new apartment in Boston. They’d move pets and/or family members if I had any. They will even cover fees incurred due to breaking the lease for my current apartment. After a long conversation covering all of these topics and more, the rep gave me a memorable sendoff in a thick Boston accent:

“Welcome to Boston, you’re gonna love it!”

So yeah, I’m moving to Boston.