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There is a newborn baby in event management software industry nowadays, called MEETINGHAND. As an online event management system, MEETINGHAND appears to be the new challenger in event management software market. Introduced to the social media on 22 February 2016, MEETINGHAND has already started a marketing campaign with a free trial offer for 15 days.
Dr. Esat ARBER, the founder of Meetinghand Online Solutions Co., states that, the software was based on both wide event management experience of many years they’ve been working as ARBER Congress Inc. in event business and on software systems experience as Meetinghand Online Solutions Co.. He also stresses the need for a versatile software in the market, since it’s a major issue nowadays to decrease event management costs, while the political turmoil all around the world badly effects business. Dr. Arber also adds that, he hopes to give a strong support to all event organisers by MEETINGHAND Software, while bringing some fresh air into the sector by decreasing costs and increasing revenues.

What is Meetinghand?

Meetinghand is an online event management software designed by Meetinghand Online Solutions Co. You may reach Meetinghand software from its web page: When you click the link, you run into the main page, which has a friendly and a warm welcome with its fresh looking design and vigorous animations . Depending upon your curiosity, you may either watch an intro video or scroll down to see more, where you can have a brief idea about the main features. In order to get more details, you may just click the live demo link on every landing page, where you can try MEETINGHAND with a demo event which has a preset data set. You may change the figures on every demo page, because when you leave it, the demo page just resets itself. So, feel free to fiddle around with it. But if you wish to create your own project, then you must either register for a 15 days free trial period or buy a new package. But, if you decide to buy a package after free trial period it’s also possible to continue with the same project you started during free trial period.

What does Meetinghand do?

MEETINGHAND offers a variety of solutions from its rich palette. It seems that, almost any event can be planned and managed by using this software by using fewer staff than you’ve estimated. Because, the software has an online interactive structure, allowing each actor input a piece of information from their own location. Mr. Tolga KOC. head of software team, briefly summarizes it by claiming that, by using MEETINGHAND anyone could organise an event with only a secretary alone in the office.

Now, let’s check MEETINGHAND’s capabilities in a quick review;

An event header prepared by using MeetingHand
  • Web Page Design.

MEETINGHAND has a very handy web page design tool. It’s possible to create an event webpage like a pro designer and it’s not necessary to know anything about coding or to have any technical knowledge about webpage design at all. It allows an event organizer to manage his webpage’s content, that, he can establish a main hub for his event via his event webpage. Normally webpage designing is a time consuming process even in expert hands but in MEETINGHAND, it’s possible to create a webpage layout setup in a very short period of time and start to add content immediately. It also allows to create webpages, consist of sections and edit most of the content anywhere and anytime you want, which gives a great deal of flexibility for choosing your working environment. It’a also possible to benefit from services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Hosting, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), domain name, compatibility with mobile devices and integration with social networks while using MEETINGHAND. Besides, an event organizer may get most of the content from MEETINGHAND modules automatically, so his webpage will always be up to date.

Off course, it’s also possible to connect your webpage with social media by means of widgets in MEETINGHAND.

  • Registration.

Registration process before an event, normally means an exhausting and error-prone job to do, unless you use an interactive software solution. In MEETINGHAND’s system, registration is not the responsibility of event planner but the participants themselves. Participants just go through event web page and do their own registration. Besides, you may customize registration process according to your event management policy. Participants may register individually or a participant may register multiple participants. For, there are many different type of events and participant profiles in event business, you may add custom fields for registration, which allows you to shape up your registration section according to your requirements. It’s also possible to create all the necessary documents at the end of registration process and to deliver them participants automatically, which will remarkably decrease your paperwork. On the other hand, participants can easily download their documents, like visa letter invoice or proforma invoice etc. into their computers and print them, if they wish to do so.

  • Travel Services

METTINGHAND also provides a sophisticated travel services module whereyou can manage and sell hotel rooms, transfers and tours record, provide and update information about hotel details, room types, room availability, details of tours and transfers. You may collect and manage bookings for hotels, tours and transfers. Like the other modules, participants can easily download documents they need, like invoices and vouchers related to travel services.

MEETINGHAND Travel Services — Hotels
  • Scientific Activites

MEETINGHAND provides a unique submission and evaluation capability under its Scientific Module, where you can collect and evaluate abstracts & papers then create your event book, appoint reviewers and assign them scientific papers and monitor evaluation process. You can also define evaluation criteria in line with scientific committee’s decision. It’s possible to inform authors about evaluation results by email and via participant interface where they can download submission related documents. You may track the status of evaluation and notify authors if necessary. You may also create, publish and print your scientific program in a professional way. In this module, it’s possible to generate event book according to the criteria and features you’ve selected, save them ready-to-print and you can download it anytime you want.

Scientific Event Module in MeetingHand
  • Payments & Budget Management

MEETINGHAND Payment & Budget Module offers a secure payment and budgeting system which is also another vital component of event management. By using payment & budget module in MEETINGHAND, you can collect your payments and manage your budget easily. Participants can make their payment online. MEETINGHAND uses worldwide integrated payment systems such as NET, STRIPE, BRAINTREE, WORLPAY, but you may use your own bank’s virtual POS or PAY PAL Systems as well. For budgeting, MEETINGHAND allows you to manage your event’s financial system under a main budget and to create separate sub budgets connected. The system allows all participants download and print their own documents of payments or procedures as well.

Payment Module in MeetingHand
  • Sponsorship & Booth Management

Managing sponsorships and booth is somehow an inseparable dimension of event organisations in such a market economy system. While it makes a remarkable revenue, it also brings extra planning and management responsibilities for event organisers. MEETINGHAND has also a handy solution for management of sponsorships and stand sales with its Sponsorship & Booth Module. You can easily offer different types of sponsorship with different rates, define details of stands and sponsorship packages, collect online bookings and payments, publish sponsor names and logos on your website while monitoring your revenues. You may also create and download your sponsorship and booth documents within this module as well.

Sponsorship & Booth Module in MeetingHand
  • Onsite Operation Management

Manage all your information by using a single panel through lists and statistics Enjoy advance reporting experience free from spreadsheets and manual processes. Generate your documents automatically upon completion of each procedure Export, download and print all documents easily Benefit onsite registration forms, and then print badges on site Benefit practical templates for contracts, emails and surveys.

  • Social and Scientific Activities

Social Events and Scientific Activities are at the core of an event. With MEETINGHAND you can easily create a free or paid event like workshops, tours, dinners or more. You can manage your participants’ bookings, edit event information, set quotas or manage payments and refunds. Participants may learn about the details of the activities from your event webpage and once they completed their payment, the system automatically sends notification messages with relevant information and provides documents such as vouchers.

  • Communication and Task Management

MEETINGHAND is also a very efficient communication tool. You can communicate within your team, with your participants and partners easily and efficiently, answer questions of your participants by means of FAQs you created or by means of support tickets. You can manage your operation team and direct your suppliers easily, create work groups, assign tasks and manage authorisations through task manager, edit, delete and archive each assignment. You may access activity details of part-time staff any time you want and share hotel booking lists with hotels, details of tours and transfers with guides and agents. It’s also possible to benefit from practical templates to survey your participants, collect replies and feedbacks and analyse them.

  • Mobile App

Like many other softwares, MEETINGHAND has also its mobile application where you can take MEETINGHAND wherever you go and enjoy more interactive experience while increase engagement capability. You may access your platform anywhere anytime, provide all the information to your participants they require, set reminders for programs, schedules and notify your participants when events are about to begin. Mobile application certainly gives event organisers and participants back their freedom, allowing them to get rid of paperwork and office dependancy.

  • Special Services offered to the Customers by the Company.

MEETINGHAND Online Solutions Company thinks that, even MEETINGHAND Software is a very complete platform which allows event organisers manage every aspect of their event, sometimes event planners may have very specific needs and requests. That’s why the company offer a wide range of extra services. On request clients can receive an online, or when possible, vis a vis training to better exploit the tools MEETINGHAND provides and manage the data they collect from participants and partners.

MEETINGHAND offers its clients their experience and support in sponsor finding and increasing number of participants based on their experience on event organising. The company also offers solutions for a custom webpage with personalised design and content or ready-to use solutions to print badges, documents as well as books which also sounds quite new way of customer support in event management software market.

As a result, MEETINGHAND, with its creative and competent solution modules, seems to be an attractive software in the market. Especially for those who are tired of insufficient old methods and who needs to work extra hours by phone or mailing to enable an event safely accomplished.

For details you may visit their own web page

This article was originally pulished in MBlog ( on March 14, 2016

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