A Weekend Side Hustle — Airport Vibes

Our airport experience matters.

As #digitalnomads, we travel A LOT and we spend a great amount of time at airports around the world. ✈️🌎🗺

We know many of you do too — for business or leisure, doesn’t matter. We’re at the airports eating🍔, sleeping😴, reading📖, working👩🏻‍💻, shopping🛍 — doing everything we do in cities. There have been many times where we were unprepared as we didn’t know we couldn’t use the plug outlets unless we had a local adaptor or find food we could enjoy. We had 15 hour layovers without WIFI or a space to rest and sleep. Or we had a 2 hour layover but didn’t know we needed to have at least 4 because of slow security procedures and almost missed our flight!

In some cases, we found that some airports are a destination in itself — there was so much to do and see that the airport deserves a separate travel plan!

This is why we felt the need to find up-to-date information about the airports and reviews given by travelers. We want to know what to expect before we travel, make the best use of our time and have a great airport experience to complete our overall travel experience.

Our aim is to build the ultimate source you stop by before traveling. ✅

A source created by travelers, for travelers.

The project is small for now, but the plan is to grow this into a comprehensive source for travelers. We created a list of world’s top 100 airports and there’s a tiny survey that takes 10 secs to complete (maybe even less).

Please help us out in growing this source: vote and rate the airports you’ve been to and share with your friends and network. 📧

We’re also putting a prize to grow this project — here are the conditions:

Conditions to win the prize:

1. SHARE with your friends & network and tell them to enter your name in the last field. 👫
2. The name who has the most referral entries WINS.🎉
3. Timeframe: End of April 2018. ⏳

Edit on 12 April 2018: Airport Vibes is on Product Hunt !! Go check it out here and give some ❤️ Thank you! 🙌🏻

ps. I also want to thank Andrey Azimov for creating Sheet2site.com which is the product we used to build our site. For non-developers like us, it’s super convenient.