The Dangers of Mold

Exposure to mold due to being in a humid environment or being exposed to damp moldy surfaces can have a serious impact on your health. Some people are very sensitive to all molds or certain molds. People who are extremely sensitive can suffer from severe allergic reactions in the sinuses, lungs or on the skin. Those who are only mildly sensitive can still have minor rashes or cold-like symptoms that just don’t stop.

Individuals who have compromised immune systems can become sensitive to mold even if they weren’t earlier in life. This also applies to those with chronic respiratory symptoms. The CDC has found conclusive proof that indoor exposure to mold can lead to more serious illness in people who already have a health condition or in people who are otherwise healthy.

Mold is most likely to be found in places with more moisture. If you live in a very humid climate this can happen anywhere. In general, mold is most likely to grow around roofs, windows, pipes and on damp paper, paint, cardboard, soft tiles, carpet, fabric or upholstery. Mold can be visible or invisible, so if you suspect mold but don’t see it, that still doesn’t mean you were wrong.

If you do suspect there is mold in your environment or if you or a family member has symptoms that might be due to mold, it is time to contact an experienced mold inspection service. A mold inspection should be done by a trained professional. The inspector will search the home for any signs of past or current water damage or existing moist materials. It is not uncommon for small leaks to be missed by individuals who live in the home, but a good inspector will find them. They can also use cameras and special meters to detect the presence of moisture.

Once the inspection is complete you will be given a recommendation on how to treat a problem or on going more in-depth with air and material samples for testing. You want an inspector who is willing to come up with creative custom solutions for each situation.

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