Don’t Trade on Human Time

About two months ago, after holding cryptocurrency for ~5 years, I decided to try my hand at trading a small sidepot of Bitcoin. And in that short period of time, I’ve discovered a number of truths about this asset which have helped me to safely compound my Bitcoin holdings. Today’s truth involves Bitcoin’s volatility and the need for using charting methods independent of human time.

You Cannot Trade On Human Time

Bitcoin moves very, very, fast. In fact, just yesterday, it dropped 15% in just 8 minutes.

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The dump, as seen from Coinbase

And there are a plethora of reasons for why this is able to occur. …

If You’re Young and Healthy, You Have Much Less To Worry About

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About a month ago, Zerohedge was banned from Twitter from making a post suggesting that the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) was a leaked Chinese bioweapon. These kinds of speculation, coupled with the public’s ability to monitor the virus’ proliferation and the militant response of the Chinese government, have sent the world into a sensationalist tailspin.

This is both justified and unsurprising, but it is no different from the regular hype-cycle of the mainstream media, where news outlets capitalize on peoples’ lack of knowledge on related topics to prey on their feelings of fear, shock, and anger. …

I stopped putting things off when I learned to see life as one big deadline

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Photo: Maskot/Getty Images

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a procrastinator. Whereas a disciplined person’s workflow might look something like this:

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All images: Eric Olszewski

Mine looked like this:

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It’s not that I didn’t care about my work — most of the time, whatever I was supposed to be doing was on my mind the entire time I was supposed to be doing it. My struggle has always been that I just couldn’t get started. I’d sit down to accomplish something, and then — fully aware of what I was doing — start clicking through the deep abyss of the internet to read up on some obscure topic, such as radial engines or human behavioral economics. …

Note: If you missed the last quarterly update, it can be found here.

Before diving into the past three months, I’d like to begin with Committed’s vision — To combat loneliness, anxiety, and stress through strong community.

With that vision planted firmly in our heads, let’s move on to the learnings made in the past three months!


Towards the end of September, one of the users of the Committed Compass (a free online journal where people track their alignment with their values) asked me if the Compass had been based on ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). …


Eric Olszewski

Always Learning.

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