Our biggest mistake with chatbots
Ines Martinez

Hi Ines, I completely agree with the concept of creating a conversational experience for users, and think it has to take other factors into consideration besides enjoyment.

For example, you talk about the differences between fast food and a gourmet dinner. Neither one is inherently good or bad; it all depends on the user’s needs and their goal. If someone is looking for affordable food they can quickly pick up and take elsewhere, then fast food is the “right” solution. If instead they are looking at taking someone out on a date or have a special celebration, then a gourmet restaurant is the “right” solution.

Similarly, chatbot designers should have a clear understanding of the target users, their needs, their pains, their goals, so that the conversational experience can be crafted around that context. That way users will truly appreciate it and will reap the value from it — whether they are looking for a quick answer, or a long-term relationship with it

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