What makes you find joy in your work?

What makes you find joy in your work? Since I entered university, I have planned so many things at a time and participated in so many activities simultaneously. I had liked it and enjoyed it a lot, but somehow at certain point I started feeling that all become very tiring. Then, of course, I could not enjoy them anymore as I had used to do. Why, what makes me lose my joy? Even I had no time to find the answer for a while, since many planned work was waiting me as always. But (un)fortunately I have been sick last 2 weeks. Many appointments were canceled and finally I could have a time to think what is really going on with me.

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word — excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.
-Pearl. S. Buck

Pearl. S. Buck said “excellence” is the the secret of joy in work. It is one of my favorite life sentences and I agree with it. But is it the only thing you could concern? Was I bad at all those work? Am I? I have kept asking myself. Actually I have had quite good performance in many activities and still I do. So what would be next reason? Many said, do what you love, you will find joy in it. It is true. I agree. But was there something I did not want to do or did anyone or anything push me to do? No, I chose all by myself. I was even enjoying while I was working on for a long time. Then what happened? Why have my enthusiasm gradually waned?

In the end I realized that I did not take a rest properly. Because I wanted to do everything in limited time I could not take my own time to relieve stress and recharge my batteries. Stress leaved me feeling emotionally and physically drained. .

I was always thinking that I should be brave and strong not to give up anything what I want. But this time I learned that sometimes I need to be brave and strong to pick some tasks to do at that time, which I really want to achieve, and let the others go. It will help me target my full concentration on the selected tasks. Without concentrating on a selected tasks, the rosy plan could end up as being just “a plan” and I will be exhausted not only mentally but also physically again to hold everything.

Last few days I made some decisions which will give me some space and I hope it will bring me back joy in my work. I am still a bit afraid if I regret someday that I let some go, but I believe that by time I will have another chance or even more chances when I will be capable to handle them with full concentration.