Capturing a Nike shoe in 3D

3D Scanning with the Eora 3D Scanner and an iPod Touch


3D Scanning objects as design assets for Photoshop

Here’s a simple scan of a Nike shoe, yet it is powerful because the generated 3D Model can be imported into software such as Photoshop as a design asset.

Scan Setup

My scan setup here is very basic. I’ve got two table lamps illuminating the object.

This shoe has a lot of detail as it is woven fabric of different colors. I have chosen to do a low-res scan with default settings on the turntable. As you’ll see in the result, the point cloud even with low-resolution scan is very dense.

Scan time: ~2 minutes ; Device: iPod Touch 6th gen

Mode: Low-Res fast scan


Sketchfab Model of the captured Nike shoe

Scanning with the Turntable generates 10 separate scans. These scans have to be aligned in-app to generate a 360º 3D Model. Eora Studio comes with essential tools for basic clean-up and alignment of 3D Models.

Default view of captured 3D Model after scanning. On the right, I have used the Eraser tool to remove irrelevant vertices like the turntable and the desk.

360º 3D Model

To generate a single 3D model we need to align these scans. Within Eora Studio this is simple, you only need two scans with common coverage to align all ten scans.

Aligning multiple scans is easy. Pick two scans with common overlap, and choose 7 common points between them in split view.

Here’s a screen capture of what the aligned model looks like:

Youtube: Screen recording of 360º 3D Model of Nike Shoe

Export as .PLY

The next step is to export this 3D Model as a raw point cloud file. This lets me generate a high-quality .OBJ mesh in Cloud Compare or similar software. We’ve written about these instructions before. You can use any point cloud processing software.

OBJ mesh generated in Cloud Compare with Level 9 Octree

Import into Photoshop

This is where 3D Scanning stops and your choice of design workflow begins. Photoshop CC has a ton of features that let you position and animate 3D Models, edit textures and lighting, and even render these models.

For more information check out this link:

Nike shoe 3D Scanned and imported into Photoshop as an OBJ mesh

If you are interested, you can download the sample Photoshop PSD file here.

As always if you have any questions or feedback, you can reach us via the messenger on our website:

Thank you for reading.


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High-precision 3D Scanning

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