EORA3D : Bigger, Bolder, Badder

The latest build(134) packs a punch with mesh exports, free-form alignment and a whole new smarter calibration.

Good day, everyone!

As your wonderful feedback continues to roll in we continue to happily address it.

Today’s update (build 134) contains what we think might be the biggest set of changes for the app before we go live on the app store.

If you see any oddities with anything, please let us know so we can dig in and check it out.

  • Completely new calibration [new]
  • No turntable alignment scans
  • Mesh export [new]
  • In-app scan alignment tool
  • Free-form scan alignment [new]
  • Smarter Calibration
Did someone say Pattern recognition?

We’ve rebuilt calibration almost from the ground up. We’ve taken your feedback to heart and today’s update addresses many of those issues. As always, thank you for helping us make EORA 3D app the best it can be.
Read more here.

Mesh Export

One of our most requested features. You can now export mesh files in STL, PLY or OBJ with the touch of a button! 
With mesh generation, there are numerous methods to perform the calculations. Currently we are employing volume diffusion at a low scale resolution (similar to Octree level 8 Poisson reconstruction). This produces 100% watertight, 3d printable meshes.
Read more here.

We have big plans here.

In-app scan alignment tool has been beta tested by some of you, this is now released to everyone.

Free-form scan alignment

For those objects that are too big for the turntable. Scan sections of the object and align these scans in-app. This one’s an early preview.

If you’re an Eoraphile, get to scanning folks!

If you’re on thinking about indulging in a groundbreaking way to capture the physical world around you, make sure to check out Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or just reach out!

Happy Scanning!

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