Thank You

Well that was exhilarating!

Asfand, Rich and I would like to thank you all for backing us. We reached our goal in under 3 hours! Hat-tip to James who backed us in the first 10 seconds. We are now over 200% of goal. What an amazing first 2 days!

We have received over a thousand messages in just one day. We read and reply to every message, so feel free to reach out anytime. The easiest way to reach us is on our website. Just click on the chat icon (in the bottom right).

We are very humbled that many of you also share in our vision of a 3D future. When we started on this road over a year ago we knew something didn’t feel right with 3D scanning. We didn’t want to design and build something that was just another piece of technology, we wanted to take a radical path and shift the center of the 3D scanning universe to something that enables creativity, onto our smartphones. We are so excited that many of you in the Kickstarter community agree with us.

Over the next couple of weeks, members of our team will share in many of the aspects of the eora 3D scanner from it’s development, beautiful design, app and the turntable. We can’t wait to start sharing this journey with you.

We made it onto the front page of Product Hunt. We’d love for you to head over and show us some ❤

And here’s something we scanned just for you. A 3D Printed logo of Kickstarter.

Here’s the raw un-edited point-cloud. You can download it here.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback, and sharing with family and friends!

From myself and the team at eora 3D, Thank You.

- Rahul.

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