EMAC Collecting Logo — EOS Pacific’s Proposal was Recognized by the Community as Logo 1.0

EOS Pacific
Jul 8, 2018 · 2 min read

The 18th video conference of EMAC (EOS Mandarin Arbitration Community) was held on July 5th 10:00 PM Beijing time. In accordance with the meeting schedule, the proposal was discussed.

Candidate Zhang Zhen submitted the proposal on “Collecting EMAC Logo” to the secretariat.

The proposal went through preliminary discussion in EMAC and EOS Pacific submitted the following proposal.

Voting results of the meeting at 10:00 PM July 5th:

First round voting: Is logo needed in EMAC?

Voting results:Yes: 10; No: 0

Second round voting: The EOS pacific proposal was tentatively accepted as EMAC logo. In the following three days, amendment and new logos will continue to be reviewed. If there is no other logo proposals in the meeting discussion on Sunday, should the EOS Pacific proposal be confirmed to be the logo?

Voting results:Yes: 10; No: 0

With the efforts and support of all members of the community, EMAC has been constantly making progress and improvement. The logo proposal by EOS Pacific was widely recognized by the community. As an open and inclusive community, EMAC welcomes EOS members to participate in the construction and development of the EOS Mandarin Arbitration Community.

After the planning of EOS Pacific, arbitrator candidates and community members, including coordinating overseas communities, EMAC (EOS Mandarin Arbitration Community) was officially established.

What kind of community is EMAC?

  1. This is a discussion community with no arbitration function
  2. This is an open community where everyone is equal
  3. This is a regular community where everyone makes the rules and obey the rules

The main purpose and functions of EMAC:

  1. Autonomous community, EOS knowledge training, communication
  2. Participate in event in the Mandarin community; ECAF communication
  3. EMAC membership, joined as an individual, does not represent a node

Contact us:

If you are interested in EMAC, you can join by:

  1. Chinese EOS governance discussion learning telegraph group
  2. Wechat group for EOS Mandarin Arbitration Community: qq5806898

For more information:

Official Website: http://www.nodepacific.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eos_pacific

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@eos.pacific

Medium: https://medium.com/@eos.pacific

Telegram Group: https://t.me/EOSpacifc

Telegram: @EOSPacific

EOS Pacific

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