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EOS Pacific
Jul 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Thank you EOS Silicon Valley! Vote for EOS Pacific (eospacificbp)! Let’s play the decentralized symphony of EOS power!

How to join EMAC?

The EMAC Video Conference is held at 10 o’clock Beijing time every night. EOS enthusiasts are welcome to participate in the discussion, where you can have a close conversation with EOS big names.

The Zoom conference entrance will be posted every night in the WeChat group. Please add WeChat ID: gjkzn0324, with the message “listen” to be added to the group.

Ongoing volunteer recruiting

The current 911 volunteers use their spare time to help the victims. As the EMAC911 community receives more and more applications from Mandarin community, and the number of cases that each volunteer can track is limited. Now we are recruiting [EMAC 911 Case Assisting Volunteers]

If you have the following qualifications

  • Familiar with EOS governance
  • Understand the ECAF filing process
  • Proficient in English

you can apply to become a volunteer and you can add a WeChat contact: connie_chunyan, with a message of “Apply for volunteers”.

About EMAC

What kind of community is EMAC?

  1. This is a discussion community with no arbitration function
  2. This is an open community where everyone is equal
  3. This is a regular community where everyone makes the rules and obey the rules

The main purpose and functions of EMAC:

  1. Autonomous community, EOS knowledge training, communication
  2. Participate in event in the Mandarin community; ECAF communication
  3. EMAC membership, joined as an individual, does not represent a node

Contact us:

If you are interested in EMAC, you can join by:

  1. Chinese EOS governance discussion learning telegraph group
  2. Wechat group for EOS Mandarin Arbitration Community: qq5806898

For more information:

EOS Pacific

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We provide blockchain and EOS training and educations to the communities

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