First Arbitral Award & the Future of Arbitration for EOS

EOS was first envisioned to include mechanisms whereby users would have recourse in the event of lost assets due to compromised keys or bugs in code. The idea stemmed from the belief that mass-adoption of decentralized technologies requires common sense protections of user assets. Furthermore, based on virtually all understandings of ownership, proprietary rights exist beyond physical ownership of keys. Until today, blockchains have never assembled and executed a consensus protocol for account recovery in the event of lost or stolen keys.

On November 8th, 2018, the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) issued the first arbitral award in favor of a victim of a phishing scam. The order allows a BP supermajority to change the keys of the account and restore sole possession of the account to the rightful owner. The order is pending approval (time publishing this article — 8:00PM PST November 9th, 2018) .

EOS42 has approved the order. Purely evaluated on the basis of evolving beyond the archaic practices of blockchains that offer no recourse for users with compromised accounts, we’re celebrating this important step in making EOS the premiere blockchain of the future. However, our approval is not an endorsement of ECAF or the current model of arbitration on the EOS blockchain.

The Future of Arbitration on EOS

EOS42 has championed efforts to return ownership of accounts to victims of lost or stolen keys. With the help of community enthusiasts and other BPs, EOS42 bootstrapped EOS911 to support victims of lost or stolen keys. However, while we’re enthusiastic about the idea of account recovery, EOS42 believes there may be superior ways to organize arbitration into the EOS network. EOS42 envisions solutions that unquestionably decentralize the systemic structure of arbitration into EOS protocol.

While we appreciate the contributions of ECAF, we do not believe an arguably self-appointed and unratified arbitration forum is in line with the underlying principles of a decentralized community. EOS42 will also lobby for free-market solutions that enable the right to autonomously select arbitration forums that enable personalized parameters for third party intervention. We believe this option achieves the right to personal freedoms, user protections, scalability, and protects the base layer architecture of the EOS blockchain.


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