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This article assumes the reader has a firm understanding of the current EOS resource model and the proposed resource model. Several teams have outlined descriptions and responses that can be viewed in this document.

As a block producer (BP) and developers of Chintai, we are very excited by the proposed upgrades to the resource model. Allocation of network resources have been a core focus of our team. The first leasing market for EOS CPU/NET was launched by Chintai nearly 7 months before REX. About 6 months after deploying Chintai we launched an automated resource allocation system called Charm.

The new model aims to make pricing more predictable while utilizing the entire pool of available network resources, rather than a small fraction. In the spirit of efficiency we believe an important element of consideration for the new model is whether or not multiple pools should be made available (i.e. multiple pools with different configurations for multiple user types). We also stress the importance of allocation mechanisms being crucial when making decisions about the configuration of the resource model. …

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[Korean & Chinese Translations below]

The EOSIO Financial District

EOS42 is joining the WORBLI blockchain. WORBLI is the “financial district” of EOSIO. By providing a globally compliant hub for financial applications and enterprise, WORBLI is uniquely positioned to break the glass ceiling for uncaptured potential in FinTech.

Bridging the current financial systems with blockchain technology requires trust in not only the underlying technology, but the ability to adhere and adapt to the complexities of global regulatory frameworks. EOS42 will be a part of an agile, experienced, and trusted core group of Block Producers on the WORBLI network that are capable of providing blockchain based services that FinTech enterprises need.


David Packham, EOS42 co-founder and CEO, has been advising the WORBLI project since day one. We’ve always been involved with the evolution of WORBLI, but it’s only now that our business interests have become squarely aligned. Furthermore, WORBLI has several promising commercial projects in the pipeline. …

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Korean and Chinese Translation Provided Below

EOS42 Summary


Social Media

Official WAX Guild candidate name

  • EOS42

Location of company headquarters

  • Cayman Islands

Expected location of servers

  • London

Type of servers

  • Primary server: bare metal hosted in 1and1 data centre
  • Backup server: cloud based on google cloud


  • Leading High performance Block Production — 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Smart Contract Code Audit
  • Chintai Token Leasing
  • DApp Incubation
  • Global Team in Major Markets
  • Community Tools

Employees List and Respective Role

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Korean(한국어) and Chinese(中文) Version Below

As pioneers of EOSIO a part of our mission is to discover and remove barriers for those who follow in our footsteps. Recently we found a limitation with nested inline actions. Currently, EOSIO can only accommodate four nested inline actions. This limitation is a hindrance for complex smart contracts.

See MSIG proposal here

Take the Chintai 2.0 smart contract as an example. In order to use Bancor to transfer CHEX to EOS within a smart contract, five nested inline actions are necessary.

1. Request to convert CHEX to EOS

2. Smart contract sends CHEX to CHEX relay

3. CHEX relay sends CHEX to BNT…

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Korean(한국어) and Chinese(中文) Version Below

You can download the full PDF version of this report here:

A Brief Introduction:

The Blockchain industry is in a race to solve scaling issues faced by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other proof-of-work networks. There are several consensus protocols that are specifically designed to address scalability. Proof-of-stake, delegated-proof-of-stake, and proof-of-believability are some of the most popular approaches.

Furthermore, this space has become increasingly vibrant with communities that are constantly learning how to better design sophisticated methods in balancing decentralization and performance.

In this report, we explore several blockchains that use on-chain voting as a primary mechanism for securing networks and deciding who receives rewards. …

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The EOSIO BP & Technology Summit is coming to San Francisco on June 6th, 2019. The Napa Valley One Year Anniversy Party will be on June 7th. Buy your tickets here. (Click “get tickets” and then select the Napa Wine Tour Package”)

Speakers at the summit will include EOSIO experts and enthusiasts Crystal Rose, Timothy Lewis, Luke Stokes, Michael Gucci and many more. Panel topics will be focused on how EOSIO is carving a path to adoption, and the basic infrastructure that will allow the decentralist dream to continue coming to life.

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Korean and Chinese version below

EOS Voter Bounties (EVB) began with a vision to pool votes in order to “fund” the development of important EOS infrastructure that lacks post development monetary returns. The EOS community quickly rallied behind the idea. Eighteen proxies totaling 28 million votes signaled intent to commit their voting power to the teams that build an open-source full history solution, or mechanism to test standby performance.

Several BPs reached out shortly after the announcement. Six official proposals were submitted. Three for each bounty.

You can view the current list of participating proxies here

Questions? Ideas? …



EOS42 — Pioneering a Decentralized Future | 开造一个去中心化的未来 | 탈중앙화된 미래를 선도합니다 | Telegram: | EOS ID: eos42freedom

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