The BlockSmith team was founded by a group of web 3.0 technologists and enthusiasts who came together out of shared interests and views regarding ethics, society, charity, and perhaps most importantly, a person’s responsibility to help serve a higher purpose. Since day one, our driving motivation behind launching a block producer has been, “how can we create a block producing group that has no conflicts of interest with anyone else in the ecosystem?” BlockSmith was founded upon that idea, and thus the vision was forged.

Being both EOSIO proponents and avid gamers ourselves, we recognize the tremendous value blockchain ecosystems…

Who We Are - Founded in March of 2018, EOS BlockSmith is an EOSIO-focused block producer committed to unwavering financial transparency, accountability, and integrity.

  • We’ve been engaged with the community and operated our own nodes since before the EOS Mainnet launch, and are a proven infrastructure provider that engages with industry professionals in Silicon Valley to ensure that we’re always utilizing best practices.
  • We operate a financially and operationally independent block producer — we’re 100% owned and operated by our four core team members.
Our core team members.

Our Mission - We take our responsibility as stewards of the EOS network to heart by…

Hey EOS Fans! Need a break from endlessly discussing WPS, UBI, and BP Collusion allegations?? So do we sometimes. And the other night, while messing around on telegram, we had an Absolute BLAST creating Memes from the EOS London Hackathon photos. So much so, that we thought that we should share this fun with everyone in the EOS Community!

Which is why we decided to start an EOS community-wide Meme contest!

How It Works:

Starting now, every week we will host a friendly EOS meme-of-the-week contest. The rules are simple:

  1. Create a meme that is related to EOS or crypto in general
  2. Join…

Our EOS workshop serves all your EOS needs on just about any screen size!

A few weeks ago I had 50 browser tabs open, my computer was freezing up and all I was attempting to do was get up to speed on the latest in the EOS world. I had coin market cap open to check the latest EOS price, Fee explorer to get the latest ram price, to deep dive into block producer voting, various news sites, twitter, Reddit etc to get the latest headlines. It was all just too much to get the wide-angle view on the EOS world.

I took my problem to the rest of the Blocksmith team to…

Blocksmith is excited to announce that we will be joining the Worbli network. Worbli is a financial services network that will leverage the revolutionary power of EOSIO software. We decided to join the Worbli network because Worbli will enhance the EOS community by providing direct EOS to fiat gateways and further developing IBC (inter-blockchain communication).

“Worbli will close the gap for users and service providers by creating a compliant financial services account allowing both users and merchants to buy and sell the bulk of available blockchain tokens in two transactions. …

by Ryan Bethem

The bp.json validator is a useful tool developed by EOS Nation that gives a macro view of the degree to which each BP is aligned with current bp.json compliance standards.

BlockSmith is one of 13 BP’s (as of 7/9/2018) whom are fully compliant with the current conditions of the bp.json standards.

What does the bp.json tell us?

Bp.json is essentially a declaration of a BPs operational identity, and contains important information such as the BP’s operational jurisdiction, nodes location, BP public key and other important identifying information. The bp.json …


Currently, BP’s are responsible for adding RAM to the EOS ecosystem. Additionally, the EOS community lacks any formal procedures by which additional RAM is implemented. BP’s are not required to make any announcements when adding RAM nor are they obligated to have a public position on the matter. As it stands now, the RAM market is essentially dictated by “shadow decisions” and ultimately confidential. This is in direct conflict with the notion of “radical transparency”. Without transparency there is plenty of room for “bad actors” to take advantage of the system and potentially corrode communal trust. …

Building a healthy democracy in EOS: Why democratic voting isn’t enough to protect us from the corrosive effects of centralization.

by Ryan Bethem

While we believe in the checks and balances offered through the medium of democratic elections, we also see the vulnerability of concentrated wealth in the EOS ecosystem. EOS voting power is based on an individual’s stake, which results in larger stakeholders having louder voices. We understand the sentiment that heavily invested individuals have more to lose and therefore deserve to have voting power. …

Currently, EOS has a very top-heavy vote distribution.

Many highly qualified BP’s are not making the cut-off for Standby.

As a result, we are in danger of losing entire teams of Block Producers.

Voters must take action now to avoid a significant loss of talent and infrastructure which has been deployed to support the network.

In EOS, voting is the CRITICAL first pillar of governance

Stakeholders must select the best Block Producer candidates from a sizeable pool of contenders measured by several criteria such as competence, integrity, transparency, geography, benevolence, and other factors.

The current top 70 block producer vote distribution reveals a poor distribution of votes, resulting in a…

EOS BlockSmith is an independent Block Producer Candidate. We are 100% owned and financed by our team members and have no Venture Capital investment or other sources of outside funding or revenue sharing. We firmly believe that our financial independence is CRITICAL in ensuring that we remain equitable, impartial, and transparent in fulfilling our duties as a block producer.

EOS BlockSmith is run by Immutable Technologies Corp. in the following ownership structure:

Shaheen Counts (founder) 40%
Verbus Counts (founder) 20%
Rodrigo Quan (founder) 40%

EOS BlockSmith

Forging the Future

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