Block Producer Independence and Integrity Pledge

This is our pledge to the EOS community. We offer it to the community and encourage all the other Block Producer groups to take it with us.

We value transparency, accountability, independence, and respect for the rule of law. Our mission is to serve EOS communities and ecosystems by producing blocks reliably, efficiently, and with the highest standard of integrity. To accomplish our mission we commit to the following:

1: We will abide the EOS constitution.

2: We pledge to execute all valid arbiter rulings and voter referendums, regardless of our personal views of such.

3: We are and will remain 100% self funded. We will not accept investment, venture capital, donation, or other financial compensation from any outside organization.

4: We will give no investment to any actor in the EOS ecosystem. This includes investing or donating to DApp development groups, other Block Producer groups, directly funding Worker Proposals, or in any other way sending our block rewards or business capital into the hands of another actor in the EOS ecosystem.

5: We will treat all DApps impartially. We will show no favoritism to any DApp or other group running software on EOS. This includes things like prioritizing one DApp’s transactions over another’s when producing blocks, providing bandwidth (staking tokens) for a specific DApp, or providing proprietary infrastructure for them to run or test on.

6: We will publish full financial disclosures on a monthly basis.

7: We will publish our point of view and intentions as soon as we have decided internally on a position on all matters which require Block Producers to vote. This includes things like inflation bids, system contract changes, and constitutional amendments.

8: We will fully disclose the names and personal reputations of anyone who has an ownership position in our business, and will make all partners known to the EOS community. We will furthermore make the ecosystem aware as soon as possible about any changes in our company’s ownership.

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