EOS BlockSmith — An Introduction

EOS BlockSmith
5 min readMay 20, 2019

Who We Are - Founded in March of 2018, EOS BlockSmith is an EOSIO-focused block producer committed to unwavering financial transparency, accountability, and integrity.

  • We’ve been engaged with the community and operated our own nodes since before the EOS Mainnet launch, and are a proven infrastructure provider that engages with industry professionals in Silicon Valley to ensure that we’re always utilizing best practices.
  • We operate a financially and operationally independent block producer — we’re 100% owned and operated by our four core team members.
Our core team members.

Our Mission - We take our responsibility as stewards of the EOS network to heart by striving to uphold our three core BlockSmith pillars.

The Three BlockSmith Pillars

Resilient Technology & Infrastructure - We do not compromise when it comes to producing blocks, and have been operating bare metal infrastructure since our organization’s inception.

  • We’ve been with EOS.IO since before the EOS Mainnet launch.
  • As foundational members of the Jungle Testnet, we’ve worked to test the EOS.IO software so that it’s ready for the ecosystem.
  • Our infrastructure is distributed across several jurisdictions, ensuring that we have multiple layers of redundancy in the event of technical failures.
  • Our infrastructure is supported by a highly qualified technical team with combined 60+ years of experience in building and running complex systems.
  • In addition, we leverage the advice of industry professionals in Silicon Valley to ensure that we are properly utilizing industry-leading technologies.
Verbus prepares to install one of the first BlockSmith bare metal machines.

At our core, we strive to be the most efficient service provider for DApps on EOS, and are constantly supporting EOS.IO development with our technological expertise.

  • We recently partnered with EOS Detroit and jointly developed a Full History API solution proposal for the EOS Voter Bounty program.
  • Our tech team has played significant roles in the launching and development of several EOS.IO-based sister chains and continues to explore opportunities to assist in the development of EOS.IO and the EOS Mainnet.
The proposal for the EOS BlockSmith / EOS Detroit full history solution

EOS.IO Ecosystem Development - We place special emphasis on running campaigns and building tools that foster network transparency and accountability, developer education, and EOS mainstream adoption.

We play a key role in organizing and hosting large scale events in San Francisco with the purpose of connection DApp builders to talent, users, and investors. Events include:

  • Scaling Blockchain following the EOS hackathon in San Francisco, with 200+ attendees, 20+ DApp and Buidler teams, and 20+ presenters
  • EOS World Expo in San Francisco, with 400+ attendees, 40+ DApp and Buidler teams, and key presenters Brock Pierce and Frank Chester

We’ve played supporting roles in organizing smaller scale physical and online events, including:

  • EOS World Tour conference in San Francisco
  • 2018 Tulip EOS conference and panel in San Francisco
  • EOS DApp Showcase online conference
Some of the events we’ve sponsored.

BlockSmith consistently organizes developer and community educational events in the heart of Silicon Valley, and remains engaged throughout Asia to bridge the gap between East and West.

  • The BlockSmith Developer Series’ goal is to leverage our prime location in the heart of Silicon Valley to cultivate and grow the pool of people developing on the EOS platform.
  • In addition, we have hosted a joint effort EOS Hackathon with the Association for Computing Machinery in Edmond, Oklahoma, regularly host educational meet-ups targeting students across Silicon Valley, and organize weekly governance and token economics virtual study sessions.
  • BlockSmith remains engaged with the Asia community with regular meet-ups in Hong Kong, as well as participation in key events such as the EOS Voter conference in Hangzhou, Seoul BP Summit, EOS Family Day in Shanghai, and the Yunqi 2050 EOS conference.
Our team members meet worldwide with various groups to promote and talk about EOS.
  • We’re constantly contributing features to tools built by the community, and we’re building tools of our own.
  • We’ve built the RAM Whale Watch and BlockSmith Dashboard tools to promote network transparency and accountability.
EOS BlockSmith Dashboard landing page
  • We’ve created a range of EOS-related educational videos in English and Chinese, setting ourselvs apart by being able to break down complex subjects into simple and engaging content.
EOS BlockSmith Dashboard education page

Financial and Operational Transparency and Independence - Since our founding in February of 2018, EOS BlockSmith has demonstrated unwavering commitment to an unbiased, technically competent, and transparent stewardship of the EOS Mainnet.

  • We operate a financially and operationally unbiased block producer, remaining self-funded since our organization’s founding. We uphold our code of conduct by not accepting direct financial investment from third parties in the EOS ecosystem.
  • We firmly believe that our financial independence is critical ensuring that we remain equitable, impartial, and transparent in our duties as a block producer.
A screencap of our Ownership Disclosure

We are committed to staying true to the ethos of our community and vision of radical transparency.

  • In this spirit, we transparently maintain the status of all of our nodes (for the EOS Mainnet, various EOS.IO code forks, and various EOS.IO testnets) for the community to inspect on our website at all times.
BlockSmith node statuses

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