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Nov 25, 2019 · 6 min read

The WAX Cloud Wallet is the latest and easiest way to create, use, and manage an account on the WAX blockchain. With the ability to perform almost all actions of a ‘regular’ WAX wallet, without the hassle of a ‘regular’ WAX wallet, the WAX Cloud Wallet is the perfect wallet for anyone looking to easily and conveniently acquire and use a WAX account. In this article, we’ll explain every aspect of the WAX Cloud Wallet.

What is the WAX Cloud Wallet?

The WAX Cloud Wallet is a very convenient WAX wallet, which allows you to easily interact with the WAX blockchain and the dApps built on it. With the WAX Cloud Wallet, playing a blockchain-based game is almost as simple as downloading and playing a game from an app store. It can even be used on mobile apps.

Without the WAX Cloud Wallet, playing a blockchain-based game is a confusing, time-consuming process that requires players to use a relatively complicated wallet. With the WAX Cloud Wallet, however, customers can login with familiar social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, and more. The WAX Cloud Wallet also manages your private keys, so you don’t have to worry about them!

In addition to the above features, the costs of creating a WAX Cloud Wallet account are automatically covered, meaning you can instantly create a new WAX Cloud Wallet account for free.

How to create a WAX Cloud Wallet account

As said above, creating a WAX Cloud Wallet account is very easy, and can be done using an account on any major social platform (but also without such an account).

To start, navigate to WAX All Access, choose one of the available login options, and follow the steps. This will create a WAX Cloud Wallet Account for you and it enters the wallet automatically. Keep in mind that you will have to use the same login method to access your account in the future.

This is the name of your WAX (Cloud Wallet) account

Inside the wallet, you can find a lot of information. Your account name, for example, can be found at the top part of the wallet (and it always ends with ‘.wam’). In the image above, you can see where you account name is located exactly.

This newly created WAX account already has some resources staked to it (see this article for more information on staking), but does not have any funds. This means, that before you are able to fully use your WAX account, you will have to add some funds to it. We will explain how to do so in the next section.

Funding the account

Funding your WAX account is very easy and can be done in multiple ways, for example by sending WAX to your account from an exchange, or by sending WAX to your account from another WAX account.

To fund your account, send WAX to your WAX (Cloud Wallet) account (enter the full account name with the ‘.wam’ included). After you have sent WAX to your account, it will almost immediately show up in your balance and you have successfully added funds to your account. You can always add more funds to your wallet if you like.

How to use the WAX Cloud Wallet

Now you have created and funded your WAX Cloud Wallet account, the only thing left to do is actually using the features of the wallet and the account. We will explain how to send a transaction, how to add resources and how to use/interact with a dApp.

Sending a transaction

The first thing we’ll explain is how to send a transaction.

After clicking ‘Send WAX’, this window will pop up

Sending a transaction can be done by clicking on ‘Send WAX’ at the top right of the wallet. Clicking on the button, will open a window, which can also be seen in the image on the left.

In this window, fill in the amount of WAX you’d like to send, a memo if you like (not a requirement, but sometimes necessary when depositing WAX to an exchange), and lastly, the account name of the recipient.

After you have correctly filled in the information, click ‘Send’. This will open a new window, in which you can verify the information and approve the transaction. After having verified the information, click ‘Approve’.

Afterwards, you will get a confirmation that your transaction has succeeded and the transaction will be visible in the wallet.

Adding resources

Your WAX Cloud Wallet account has some resources staked to it by default, but if you regularly use the account, you might find that the default staked amount of tokens (and the resources this gives you) does not suffice. In this case, you can decide to extend your resource capacity by purchasing more resources using the WAX in your account. To view your current resources and to purchase new resources, click on the ‘Add resources’ button in the wallet, which will open the overview you see in the image below.

You only need to buy additional resources if you make a lot of transactions

In this overview, you can see the current utilization of resources, and also an option to buy additional resources. If you notice that your account is unable to make transactions as a result of insufficient resources, or if you would just like to have some extra resources, purchase additional resources using the ‘Extend Resource Capacity’ feature. At the time of writing this article, an additional couple of WAX tokens staked for CPU and NET, should suffice for a lot of daily transactions. You will likely not have to buy additional RAM, but if you do, a couple of WAX tokens worth of RAM will suffice for most activities (at the time of writing).

To buy additional resources using the ‘Extend Resource Capacity’ feature, move the pointer along the line until you are satisfied, and click ‘Buy resources’. This will open a new window, in which you have to verify and approve the transaction. If everything is correct, click ‘Approve’ to execute the transaction. You will get a confirmation that the transaction has succeeded and the transaction will be visible in the wallet.

Note that CPU and NET utilization slowly go down over time if you don’t use the resources. This means that if your CPU or NET utilization is currently at 100% (or near it), and you are unable to make a transaction, you will likely be able to make a transaction after you wait some time. RAM does not go down over time but also takes more time to accumulate.

Using a dApp

The final thing we’ll explain, is how to interact with a dApp using your WAX Cloud Wallet. Keep in mind, that this only works with dApps which support the WAX Cloud Wallet.

If you see a button allowing you to connect to the WAX Cloud Wallet under the login options , the dApp supports the WAX Cloud Wallet

Before you start, make sure you are logged into the WAX Cloud Wallet in your browser. Then, navigate to the dApp, and click on the login button. If the option to connect with the WAX Cloud Wallet is available (might look similar to the button in the image above, but can also look different), click on it. You will then have to approve the connection in the window which will pop up. If everything has gone well, you have now successfully connected the wallet to the dApp.

Once you have connected your wallet to the dApp, you can start using the dApp. If you want to perform an action in the dApp that requires a transaction, verify the transaction in the window which will pop up when you have to accept a transaction, and click ‘Approve’ (or ‘Deny’ if you are not sure).

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