IAF Welcomes EOS, Managed by Max Polyakov, as New Member

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2 min readSep 26, 2017

At this year’s International Astronautical Congress 2017 (IAC), EOS was honored to be accepted as a new member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).

Certificate of IAF Membership

Founded in 1951 to foster dialogue between scientists around the world and support international cooperation in all space-related activities, the International Astronautical Federation continues to connect people involved in the space industry worldwide. Nowadays it has over 300 members, including all the key space agencies, companies, societies, associations and institutions across 66 countries.

At each of the annual International Astronautical Congresses the IAF brings its multidisciplinary and international network to life.

This year IAC 2017, hosted by the Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA), took place in Adelaide, Australia from 25–29 September.

It was an intense week for the major players in the industry to gather and discuss recent advancement and progress. In particular, this year targeted secure access to satellites that provide communications, timing and navigation services and remote sensing data, rapid changes in the industry, including the growing number of space stakeholders, the move to commercial activities, and the impact of miniaturisation.

At this session, as a new member, EOS was awarded a Certificate of Membership as well as a unique frame with the IAF 60th anniversary commemorative flag, which has flown in space for 444 days aboard human space launch systems and the space stations available at the time.

Artiom Anisimov, EOS Business Development Manager, and Christian Feichtinger, IAF Executive Director

The new partnership will allow EOS, operated by Max Polyakov, access to a global network of experts and decision-makers and vote in the IAF General Assembly. Also EOS will be eligible to host an IAC. Who knows, maybe next year EOS will be involved into hosting the IAC.

Commenting on EOS new partnership, Max Polyakov said: “It is not only a great honor for EOS to become part of the International Astronautical Federation, but also a momentous acknowledgement of the work our team does. IAF membership is another step forward that opens up new opportunities for us and allows to make even more contributions to the development of the space industry”.

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