EOS Alliance 12 Week Constitution Referendum Series Summary

The EOS Alliance 12 Week Constitution Call Series kicked off by stating its mission to “Empower EOS for All.” The goal was to bring people together across the globe and answer questions that would eventually lead to a few constitution drafts that would be submitted for voting by the entire EOS community. This first phase began August 27, 2018 and lasted for three months, with groups for English, Chinese, Korean, and Russian speakers. There were 12 video conferences and 12 sessions in 4 languages, and the number of participants reached 1,200. The discussions were marked by active participation, heated debates resulting with some anticipated results as well as some unexpected breakthroughs.

Among the first questions posed were, What is the most important thing a constitution must do for EOS Mainnet? and What are you most worried about regarding the constitution of EOS Mainnet? These questions inspired many thoughtful answers, which were integral to the planning and work that was done over the following three months.

Work continued with breaking down specific articles from the interim constitution. For example, groups discussed the need for a “more exact definition of violence,” with respect to Article I. Another popular question that was, What, if anything to do about vote buying? from Article IV. This was discussed, and the difficult question was asked, How can we execute such an article and avoid the collusion of the whales? Breaking down each article was integral to understanding what the collected community thought was valuable vs. things that potentially needed to be changed for future drafts.

Also discussed was the constitutional proposal known as “v2” released by Dan Larimer and Block.one. This release created a lot of buzz around the governance discussion. There was time in the sessions dedicated to breaking down the Block.one proposal and comparing it to the interim constitution.

What language in v2 was new? 
What was the same?
What was just modifying something from the interim constitution?

The release of the v2 proposal from Block.one changed the landscape of how this process worked, going forward.

There also continues to be significant debate focused around the core question of Base Layer Dispute Resolution. “Intent of Code” vs. ECAF vs. a free market forum solution. This debate led to a proliferation of multiple constitutional proposals being pitched.

Currently, there are at least eight constitutional proposals, including ones from the Russian community, Korean community, EOS Amsterdam, and EOS New York. The goal of the community in this new series of calls to merge these proposals into two or three versions for the community to vote on when the Referendum voting tools go live (they are currently in BETA). At the same time, teams are working together to build formats for the best way to present new proposals so the whole world will have their best chance at agreeing on the intent of the language.

We are in the final stages of bringing all of this community work together to end with at least two constitution proposals that are inspiring and can be put to a single side by side referendum vote. The EOS Alliance is sponsoring a second series of calls (beginning last week in Korean and this week in English and Chinese) and continuing through December to that end in the Synchronize Project. Community members can participate in the weekly calls through the end of the year as we methodically work through the aggregation of all work to date with a goal of creating three strong, distinct options for the community to choose from.

Written and Edited by EOS Community Members

You can join the calls by following the links below:

Korean Calls Link Wednesdays UTC 12:00

Chinese Calls Link Thursdays UTC 13:00

English Calls Link Thursdays UTC 23:00

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