EOS Pixels Discontinued, Source Code Released

Due to legal uncertainties, EOS Asia is not able to release EOS Pixels. We open-sourced the code of EOS Pixels over a week ago and we encourage the community to modify and spin up versions of EOS Pixels and launch the project that we started!

We will follow the precedent of Block.one’s launch of EOS. EOS Asia will remain completely neutral to whatever happens to the code that we’ve open sourced.

The EOS Asia team and the incubated development team that worked on EOS Pixels have poured months of work to deliver the DApp. However, due to legal concerns, the team has decided to step down and instead are fully relying on the community to support and maintain the DApp.

The code is available and ready to grab! Visit the following link: https://github.com/eosasia/eospixels

We look forward to the community-powered launch of EOS Pixels!