EOSBet Interactive Airdrop and Referral Program

Everyone loves airdrops!


  • The BET token allows you to receive dividends from our games
  • Play our games and receive free BET tokens as part of our interactive airdrop!
  • Refer a friend to our games and receive 0.5% of their bets for life. The recipient will also receive 0.5% bigger payouts on their wins!

We’ve been hard at work developing Dice, our first of many games, and continuing to grow our community. Today, we’re pleased to announce what many of you have been asking for: specific details on our airdrop, token sale, and referral program. A lot of thought has gone into the formation of these events/programs and we’re really excited to share them with you!

Note: We have changed the total amount of tokens we will be creating from 88 billion to 88 million for simplicity.

The BET Token

Unlike many cryptocurrency casinos, we will not be forcing our players to use a platform-specific token in order to bet. We believe this is an unnecessary (and often greedy) requirement that serves as a significant barrier to user adoption, since prospective players must purchase this token from an exchange and store it in a wallet just to play a few games. Instead, all bets will be placed and won in EOS (and eventually, major coins like BTC, BCH, ETH, etc).

The sole function of the BET token is to provide dividends to token holders. Holders of our BET token will automatically receive dividends in EOS. Although we’ve been approached by larger firms interested in investing heavily in the platform, we prefer to keep the project in the hands of the community—especially our players and those in the EOS ecosystem. That’s why we created the BET token, which allows token holders to directly, automatically profit from our games.

100% of game profit is transferred directly to token holders in proportion to the number of tokens held. There will be a fixed amount of 88 million BET tokens created, and this will never increase. Dividend payouts will initially occur on a quarterly basis. Soon, we will be launching our auto-dividend smart contracts, which will pay users dividends whenever they have a positive balance, without any effort on behalf of token holders. If you hold BET token, you will make a passive income in EOS dividends, sent directly to your wallet!

Interactive Airdrop

As a dividend token, BET is uniquely valuable. Because of this, it doesn’t make sense to conduct a traditional airdrop. That’s why we’re introducing a novel method for our airdrop that will benefit our users and show off our games on EOS!

Simply play our games and receive free BET tokens! For each EOS wagered, the bettor will automatically a certain amount of BET tokens in return. (This is an addition to any EOS winnings if the bet was a success.) The more you bet, the more you receive! There is no limit to the amounts of bets you can make, nor the amount of tokens you can receive in the airdrop. This will continue until 10% (8.8 million) of all BET tokens are airdropped. For up-to-date information on our bonus rate please visit our Telegram.

Referral Program

We’ll also be rolling out a generous referral program to the community. Refer a friend and receive 0.5% of their bets for life. The recipient will also receive 0.5% larger payouts on every win! It pays to spread the word! Once Dice is live you can visit our website to get your referral code.

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait for what’s ahead of us as we build some really fun, trustless games on the powerful EOS.IO blockchain. If you have any questions about about the BET token, airdrop or referral program don’t hesitate to reach out.

Get ready to earn some tokens in our airdrop, while playing Dice on the high performance EOS blockchain!


The EOSBet Team

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