EOSBet announces new logo and brand identity

EOSBet, as one of the most highly used dapps in the cryptocurrency space, has run into the same problem many fast-growing companies have. A great product wins the early adopters, but the great brand wins the mainstream. This is another step into bringing more attraction to an ever-evolving product. A brand refresh was in order.

The current logo was designed by a freelancer in May 2018. Since then, EOSBet’s UI, website, and games have been completely overhauled. There exists a need to continue evolving and make the logo tie more closely into the overall brand.

The evolution of the EOSBet logo

EOSBet is known for being forward-thinking, having open communication, and providing simple, intuitive, and exciting gaming experiences. That was the initial foundation for the logo. A variety of different logomarks were explored to represent the brand. The goal was to stay away from the cliche visuals of normal casino brands but be dynamic enough to represent the casino idea. Today we introduce the new EOSBet logo.

This new brand identity is currently being rolled out to EOSBet’s various channels and platforms. The team is also exploring the possibility of a name change, but at this time we feel that “EOSBet” has strong recognition and accurately portrays our decentralised, provably fair casino, which operates on the EOS.IO blockchain.

A professional, consistent brand is an important part of any business. These enhancements serve as another step in the platform’s march towards organic growth and mainstream success.

All the best,

EOSBet Design Team