This article will be a deeper technical look at the configurations each chain must set when adopting new resource model changes proposed for EOSIO.

Let’s start off by building a base understanding of how user resources are stored in EOSIO.

User resources are stored in a table on the eosio account called userres . The structure of userres is as follows: is proud to announce the first direct free CPU program for ledger users (no scatter needed!). Every ledger user now has 5 free TXs daily.


  1. Navigate to and click login in top right

We are excited to share that LynxChain is now supported by, the fastest EOSIO Explorer and wallet, and can be accessed through!

We recently launched Tip Bot, a Telegram bot allowing its users to tip other users in EOSIO tokens such as EOS, SOV, BET, KROWN and more. Tip Bot is now available in various Telegram chats.

We are now happy to share that Tip Bot is also available for tipping Telegram users with TLOS!

Telegram users are now able to tip TLOS to other users in any Telegram channels the Tip Bot is active in. Check out the Telos Community Telegram chat to see the Tip Bot in action!

The development of a multi-chain bot was made possible…

EOS Cafe Block is excited to introduce Tip Bot, a simple method to send and receive EOS using just your telegram account! Just message @TippedBot on Telegram to get started!

Like a comment somebody made on Telegram? Show your support and love for them by sending them EOS using Tip Bot! It’s as easy as replying to the comment on Telegram and using the command /tip X EOS

EOS Cafe Block is happy to announce that we will be officially joining the Telos network as a Block Producer. With as our first engagement with the network, we are excited to share our experience and expertise by getting more involved on Telos.

Official Telos Block Producer Name

Telos Cafe Block

Location of Company Headquarters

Calgary, Canada

Expected Location of Servers

Canada, Korea, Hong Kong

Type of Servers


Telegram and Node Names for Community Testnet Participation


Voting ID: tlscafeblock

Our Team

Introducing, an easy step-by-step guide portal covering all core EOSIO functionality: Documentation

How to Login to Bloks Using Desktop and Mobile Wallets

How to Vote For;

  • Block producers
  • Proxies
  • Referendums

How to Use Wallet Functions;

  • Transfer
  • Airgrab
  • Stake CPU/NET
  • Buy/Sell RAM
  • Create Account
  • Change Keys or Permissions
  • Multi-signature (MSIG)
  • Create/Register Proxy
  • Keys Generator
  • REX

We will continue to add more information on this documentation with feedback from the community and as more functions and tools are added to Bloks.

What do you think of the Guidebook? Visit us at

Introducing, the premier block explorer of the eosfinex DEX.

Trading is also now live at

Main page at

We are happy to announce, a portal for developers to connect any chain to a block explorer!

We are proud to announce the first EOS Wallet for Trezor on our wallet and explorer Users can now hold EOS on their Trezor and interact with the network using MacOS, Windows, Linux and Android.

This enables users with a Trezor device to transfer any EOS token, vote, use DEXs, and many more features available only on!


1. Go to

EOS Cafe Block

Leading Block Producer for the EOS blockchain. Our goal is to make blockchain technology simple and easy to use.

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