EOS Cafe Block’s Community Contribution 2019

EOS Cafe Block
May 8 · 7 min read

With the one year mark of EOS approaching us in less than a month in June, EOS Cafe Block would like to share with the EOS community what we’ve accomplished so far into 2019.


EOSIO Infrastructure

  • History Solutions
  • Side Chain Production
  • LiquidApps DSP

Community Tools

  • EOS Education

Bloks.io Upgrades

  • REX Portal
  • Token Information
  • Multi-Sign In Support & Bloks Mobile
  • Multi-Signature Support
  • Deep Filters & Search
  • International Support
  • Night Mode

EOSIO Infrastructure

History Solutions

In less than a year, the EOS blockchain has produced nearly 10X more blocks than Ethereum. But with this added performance comes the challenge of storing all this information and making it easily recallable for users.

In Q1 2019, we created a JS library at https://github.com/eoscafe/hyperion-api to allow developers to interface with Hyperion History. This library is directly accessible to all javascript programmers using NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@eoscafe/hyperion.

We also built another JS library alongside EOS Nation for dfuse, another history solution: https://github.com/EOS-Nation/dfuse-eoshttp-js.

We are helping avert the history crisis by enabling developers to use history solutions other than just the standard native history. With multiple history choices at their tips, developers can now provide redundancy and further decentralize their dApps.

Side Chain Production

EOS Cafe Block is a proud active producer on both WORBLI and Boscore chains. We prove and hone our ability to consistently produce blocks as active producers on these chains, and are ready to graduate from our role as standby producer at any time.

LiquidApps DSP

EOS Cafe Block has announced our intention to be a dApps Service Provider (DSP) for LiquidApps. We look forward to working on this innovative idea and helping push the limits of EOSIO technology.

Learn about what it means to be a DSP here.

Community Tools

We believe fostering adoption comes along with assisting ease of use for anyone accessing EOS. We’re best known for some of our projects such as eoskey.io, and we’ve put our efforts together to work on a few more resources so far this year.


All transactions being stored on the blockchain does no good if you can’t easily access them. Industry professionals working in blockchain need a simple way to pull all their transaction history and export them for tax purposes.

EOS Cafe is helping to foster enterprise adoption by creating a tool that does just that. For anyone who’s had to file their taxes this year, EOSTAX.IO is a tool to assist you in exporting all your EOS transactions from your account to 5 different formats including Cointracking.info, Cointracker.io, Bitcoin.tax, Cryptotrader.tax, and Quickbooks.

Haven’t tried using EOSTAX.IO yet? Find our guide on how to use EOSTAX.IO and read more about it on our post here.

EOS Education

Are you new to EOS? Looking for a quick 101 on EOS? Or are you a dev, searching for information on how to create a dApp on EOSIO? No matter what type of user, and what your current level of knowledge, EOS Education is a platform for anyone looking for resources and information about EOS. EOS Cafe Block has been working alongside notable community members including Jeff Daub, Justin Fondriest, Vincent Grenier, Lenny Goudreault, Andrei Lazurca, NovaCrypto, and Powerpic to bring this all-in-one comprehensive platform to everyone very soon!

Stay up to date about the release of EOSed by joining our EOS Education Telegram group.

Preview of eosed.info

Bloks.io Upgrades

Bloks.io, the fastest EOS block explorer and wallet, is our flagship product and we are constantly upgrading and adding new features. In the last few months, we’ve added native Scatter, Ledger, Lynx, and eosTock integration. We’ve also released one of our most requested feature for Bloks; a detailed token page including Top 500 Token Holders, Active Markets, and more. For more details on what information is available on the Bloks Token page, read our post here.

REX Portal

Our most recent contribution to the EOS Community is Bloks.io/REX, an easy to use, one-click REX portal. We’ve paid extreme attention to detail to avoid using confusing terminology for our users and to make sure the page is easy to navigate. By adding the REX Portal to Bloks.io, we’ve created a one-stop website for users to do everything related to your EOS account via Bloks.io.

Users can quickly see:

  • Their current EOS balance in REX
  • Estimated APR
  • Lifetime ROI
  • REX history and statistics

Have you tried lending your EOS to REX yet? Check out our latest guide on How to Earn EOS using REX in 15 seconds!

Token Information

One of our most requested features was more in-depth information on tokens, so we have invested in a thorough portal for token information. Users can now see Top 500 holders, price and volume information, and what markets tokens trade on.

Learn more about what you can find on our Tokens page here.

Multi-Sign In Support & Bloks Mobile

EOS has come along way in the past year, with more and more key management solutions for token holders. Bloks.io has made sure to keep pace with this development and now has a full suite of sign-in options, including Scatter, Ledger, Lynx, and EOStock. We will continue adding options as they come available.

Bloks is also a seamless experience on a mobile device thanks to the partnership with the Lynx Team. Token holders can now complete all actions on their mobile phone including voting, lending to REX, delegating CPU, changing permissions, and much more.

You can download Lynx for your Mac OS, iOS devices, or Android.

Multi-Signature Support

One of the most powerful features in EOS is the ability to create a multi-signature account at the system level. This feature, however, is underutilized by the community and is currently mainly done through the command line.

We are working to change that, and have added functionality to Bloks.io to easily:

  • Manage and create the permission of an account, creating a multi-sig with a drag-and-drop UI
  • Multi-sig mode for Bloks.io which turns any standard action into a multi-sig proposal using the same Bloks interface you know and love
  • A portal to review, approve and execute proposed multi-sig transactions

Deep Filters & Search

Bloks.io now has deep search filters, allowing users to filter on action, token, and dates to reduce the number of pages they need to scroll through. We also have filters for small balances and spam. And finally, we’ve added the ability to export to CSV for ultimate utility.

We couldn’t have achieved this without our collaboration with EOS Canada (dfuse) and EOS Rio (Hyperion).

International Support

Bloks.io is currently available in 5 different languages, English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Spanish.

Bloks.io in Chinese, Korean

Night Mode

One of our most requested features is finally available. Enjoy your favorite block explorer in day or night mode.

EOS Cafe Block is a leading block producer and always looking for ways to help mass adoption, create user-friendly tools, and actively develop EOSIO technology.

Is there a tool you’d like to see us develop next? Have any feedback about our most recent work? Visit us at our Telegram channel at https://t.me/eoscafeblock and come chat with us!

Twitter — @eoscafeblock
Medium — @eoscafeblock
Steemit — @eoscafeblock
Website — www.eoscafeblock.com

For any comments or questions, please reach out to us on Telegram: https://t.me/eoscafeblock

EOS Cafe Block

Written by

Leading Block Producer for the EOS blockchain. Our goal is to make blockchain technology simple and easy to use.

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