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Dan Larimer first posted here about a new resource model for EOS/IO almost a year ago. The code was developed by and pushed to this Repo over 8 months ago.

Two weeks ago Block.One asked block producers and the community to review, test and give feedback on the proposal.

NodeOne have done a great job of compiling the list of published opinions and resources and made it available here, So we don’t see any need to do the same.

TLDR — It’s better than we have now, everyone thinks we need to take it steady and slow.

We think…

This week Colin removed EOS Nation (a block producer on EOS & other EOSIO networks) from his proxy.

Some people lost their shit.

Disclaimer : Colins proxy currently votes for eosDublin, it isn’t really relevant as we have been under the pay-line for the best part of the year so losing support of any proxy means a zero pay-cut to remain payed zero.

Firstly, I watched his whole video. The majority of it was spent talking about how solid a block producer EOS Nation is. …

We’ve been running a blockchain education site for almost 2 years. Each week we remain astonished by the amount of people who still find and take one of the many courses on there. There is a need for a trusted source of quality educational content.

We also understand that communities are build around interests and themes and the best learning comes from people learning and then teaching what they know. One of the themes we are most excited about is Gaming and it’s intersection with blockchain and digital assets. WAX is our network for this.

In these challenging times there…

We are really excited and proud to deliver what we believe is major “rubber meets the road” use case for blockchain and EOSIO.

In November 2019 we delivered a new All Ireland Restaurant Voucher for the Restaurants Association of Ireland. These vouchers were on-sale over the busy Christmas period and were purchased from all corners of the world.

The voucher is a perfect gift and is redeemable in their members restaurants.

On Thursday I got a private telegram message from Brady Dale to ask my opinion on the news that: “Voice would not launch on EOS”


eosDublin have been a firm supporter of the idea of a community development fund for EOSIO chains. A way to use a portion of the tokens generated by the network to fund community approved and managed initiatives. Telos launched with a worker proposal system which has been in use for the past year.

We engaged an independent researcher to look at the system, compile data and come up with some conclusions. This was a paid for piece of research funded 100% by eosDublin.

We gave very little direction and plan to follow up this post in a couple of weeks…

As the year closes it is a great time to reflect on what has been achieved and what plans and goals could be set for the next year. We at eosDublin have had an amazing year, and have met and worked with some of the smartest most dedicated teams on the planet, building “new”.

If 2018 was the year of EOS , 2019 was certainly the year of EOSIO. …

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

There is a massive amount of voting happening on EOS and there has been since the network launched. That voting isn’t for BPs , or referendums it has been the buying and selling of EOS tokens based on the confidence the token holders have in the project.

If you go back over my posts since last October, you will see we have been calling out that there are structural issues in the governance and block producer selection and…

A Worker Proposal system was included in the EOS whitepaper for a reason, the idea has not had an easy time, but persists because many understand how powerful it could be.

The risk has always been that any fund would be abused and that fear has been enough to reject any proposal to date.

So from what we have learned and how could we do it?

How about we double down on what we know works and scrap everything we know won’t.

Set up 5 regional DAO funds each managed by 5 independent BPs who will set up and manage…

So what the hell is a DAC? The term coined by Dan Larimer stands for a “Decentralised Autonomous Company or Community” the goal of which is to have no central point of control or failure and to enable a culture of growth, fairness and equity for all participants.

Europechain has created a DAC almost by accident. We thought we were building a centralised company, but our DNA no longer allowed us to design and build in that way.

As we worked through the many nuances of how Europechain will operate, including: how BPs will be selected and removed;, how commercial…


Block Producer in Republic of Ireland. Here since the beginning. Always looking to add value. If you have read this far, much love.

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