The 1st Online Technology Meetup

EOSeoul held the first online technology meetup with HKEOS, EOSRio and BlockMatrix.

1. HKEOS — hkeoshkeosbp

What is a block producer? (Jae Chung)

Although it is a technical seminar, He presented the contents to the general user in a way that makes it easier to understand EOS from the perspective of the block maker.

2. EOSeoul — eoseouldotio

hybrid (bare metal + cloud) node configuration of EOSeoul (Sungmin Ma)

hybrid (bare metal + cloud) node configuration of EOSeoul (Sungmin Ma)

Introduction of hybrid infrastructure of EOSeoul and advantages of hybrid infrastructure.

3. EOS Rio — eosriobrazil

Introduction to simpleEOS demos and new features (Igor Lins e Silva)

He demonstrated a simple EOS, an offline wallet developed by EOS Rio. Simple EOS is an EOS wallet that provides a very intuitive UI and new features will be added in near future. (EOS Rio’s own development tool, simplEOS,

4. BlockMatrix — blockmatrix1

Deploying EOS with Ansible (Pete)

Using Ansible, He showed how developers can deploy EOS-related work without mistakes. With Ansible, repetitive tasks can be managed more efficiently. At the end of the video, He introduced a simple example using Ansible.

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