EOS21 Protocol Will Allow Ethereum Tokens to be Teleported to the EOS Blockchain

The EOS21 Protocol, conceptualized by shEOS, will empower developers to move their tokens across blockchains as necessary, starting with Ethereum and EOS. EOS21 is an open-source protocol — the first to ever enable seamless cross-chain token movement from ETH to EOS.

In the EOS21 protocol, shEOS will allow users to “teleport” a token from one chain to another, meaning it will exist on the destination chain, but not in a fungible form on the source chain.

Should this protocol come into fruition, it will help to create blockchain interoperability, something which is largely missing from current blockchain systems. Blockchain interoperability is absolutely one of the requirements to ensure growth in the industry, and EOS21 will allow developers to move their tokens to any chain they feel best suits the needs of their project. Each blockchain has certain qualities that will make it more suitable to specific projects, depending on the needs outlines by the dApp developer. EOS21 can provide dApp developers with the creative freedom necessary to build a quality project.

This is an open-source protocol, and shEOS is encouraging members of the community to offer their input on the project. You can contribute, or just find out more, at https://sheos-org.github.io/eos21/.

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