EOSForce Development Weekly Report 2019.6.24–2019.6.30

Jun 28 · 1 min read

Work Completed

1. A new EOSForce governance mechanism scheme discussed

2. Prepared EOSForce mainnet upgrade and reviewed the code implementation of resource model extension

3. Optimized the code of EOSForce system contract, referred to the Codex implementation for improvement and optimized the performance of onblock

4. According to the results of Codex.Relay contract code review, reconstructed part of the contract implementation, optimized the code structure of contract and improved execution performance

5. Cooperated with the community to test Codex cross-chain system

6. Planed a solution to improve the compatibility of EOSForce, and solved a complex migration problem caused by different transaction structures

Plan for Next Week

1. Cooperate with the community to update EOSForce mainnet

2. Cooperate with the community to test Codex cross-chain system

3. Fix the Codex.Relay problem reported in the testing

4. Improve the Codex.Relay synchronization node configuration tool

5. Code audit of Codex.Relay contract and conduct Codex.Relay performance testing

6. Optimize the implementation to improve the compatibility of EOSForce and can be a testable version


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Decentralized high-performance smart contract platform www.eosforce.io

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