EOSForce Weekly Project Update 10.29–11.04 🌎

Latest updates on the voter and development activity on EOSForce Mainnet.

Super Node Election: 308th

Total Aainnet Transaction Count: 1,116,700 tx (a weekly increase of 19,000)

Mainnt Account Count: 560,859 (a weekly increase of 235)

Mainnet Vote Count: 99,280,311 EOSC (84.8% of the total activated EOSC)

Total Activated Genesis EOSC: 117,202,859 EOSC

Activated Genesis Account Count: 2502

What we completed last week:

1. Test delayed transaction and dynamic fee function

2. Fix the mainnet bugs

3. Complete the development multi-signature function

4. Merge EMLG EOS update to version 1.4.2

5. Improve the test network deployment script

6. Design RAM resource model implementation

7. Record contract development live sharing course

What we are doing next week

1. RAM resource model development

2. Improve compilation deployment and Docker deployment related scripts to simplify the update process

3. Test delayed transaction, dynamic trans-fee, multi-signature and EMLG update related functions, prepare for mainnet update

4. Improve the ElasticSearch plugin and make adaptions to the EOSForce mainnet

5. Improve Docker compliation tool support, provide testnet script based on Docker launch

6. Record contract development live sharing course follow-up content

EOSForce Mainnet Block Producer Election

Up until Nov 4, 2018, the total number of votes for the first 100 BPs has reached 99,000,000. The top 3 ranked BP are: EOSAwake, hexiaozhang from Kyushu Capital, and X jiqix.

The benchmark to enter top 23 active BPs is 2.3 million votes.

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