Dan jumped in the EOS Telgram-group a few hours ago making some of the biggest claims in the cryptospace ever:

Here’s a link for discussions on Reddit about this topic. So what do we know so far?

Around 70 days to go (June 3rd) until the EOS blockchain goes live. Over the last few weeks we learned quite some interesting details. Here are the ones I think are most important:

  • EOS is on schedule and will launch in June. No delays expected as all tests are going well.
  • EOS will support at least 1000 transactions per second at start. This is reached using a 1-core implementation. The devs expect 1 CPU-core to support up to 30K transactions per second but as security comes first the EOS Virtual Machine will scale to this number step by step.
  • EOS…

First of all I would like to thank the EOS Go people for providing these daily EOS Telegram Summaries. They give a great insight in important discussions from the different Telegram groups.

Dan talks privacy
In yesterday’s update there was quite some discussion about privacy. How will EOS handle privacy? Let’s look at some quotes by Dan from yesterday:

This concerns me a bit actually. Is this Dan’s personal view or is this the way EOS is being developped? And there’s more:

There was quite some EOS excitement over the last few days about “special announcements” coming from the Korea meetup. So what was the news?

EOS Venture Capital
Block.One announced they now have over 1.1 billion dollars in funding. That’s a combination from the crowdfund and big VCs investing in Block.One. This was expected but now it’s official.

Another thing that was expected and got confirmed is a 1 billion dollar fund for investment in companies/dApps that will work with EOS. Is this big news? Well, at least it’s a very big commitment to the EOS ecosystem. Imagine Google providing 1…

There where quite some news articles about the Domain Name System over the last few months. And if one thing has become clear it is the fact that DNS in the hands of the ICANN organization is as old fashioned as the fax machine.

The DNS is the bridge between a website’s IP-address and their domain name. Your browser doesn’t know how to find https://eos.io unless it can link that name to a certain IP-address to load in the browser. So what’s the problem? In short: centralization. The moment one central authority controls something important as our domain names the…

The EOS-testnet will go live in several days as the devs are ahead of schedule.

We’re almost there. Dawn 2 ladies en gentlemen

Dawn 2 will be the first iteration of EOS as a real P2P-network. And that’s a great moment to ask yourself: What dApps would we like to see/test on EOS? What makes you excited about EOS? In this post I’ll write some of my own visions in this topic. But feel free to join our EOS Community Forum and share yours.

1. A nice wallet

The whole idea of crypto-currencies is based on wallets and moving coins from A to B. That doesn’t mean things are easy to use…

A lot of people got confused by the EOS token crowdsale. It’s especially parts like this that make people scratch the back of their heads…

EOS TOKENS HAVE NO RIGHTS, USES OR ATTRIBUTES. The EOS Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the EOS Platform. Company does not guarantee and is not representing in any way to Buyer that the EOS Tokens have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features.

Feel free to read the whole license agreement on the…

A surprising topic showed up yesterday on the EOS-subreddit. The devs are ahead of schedule and user “knowbean” spotted this on their GitHub and made a topic about it:

EOS Public Testnet coming on 4th December — 4 weeks ahead of schedule!

Of course this got a lot of upvotes because everyone who follows a crypto-project is used to delays. But here we are. The devs are weeks ahead of schedule when it comes to starting a test-network and multi-core support.

What to expect
From a user perspective the testnet won’t probably bring that much to the table right at the…

That was a nice development update yesterday:

Our original roadmap called for a single threaded implementation to be complete by June 2018 and for multi-threaded development to take place thereafter. We are excited to share that work on the parallel execution engine has begun 8 months ahead of schedule and we believe that it will be ready by June 2018.

For those that wonder what this means: The dev team has already tested up to 10.000 transactions per second on 1 thread. This means that a normal CPU should be able to handle 10K transactions per second. …

Quite an interesting interview with Brock Pierce in case you’ve missed it. He talks about the EOS crowdsale being close to $700 million at the moment. But there’s more:

  • Around a 1000 applications will launch simultaneous when EOS goes live.
  • According to Brock this is “the biggest product launch that has ever been, this is like Windows launching but much bigger. “

And if that isn’t enough Brock also shares his expectation that EOS will raise several billion. And this probably isn’t the ICO alone. …

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