Brock Pierce: “We’re at 700 million but will raise several billion for EOS”

Quite an interesting interview with Brock Pierce in case you’ve missed it. He talks about the EOS crowdsale being close to $700 million at the moment. But there’s more:

  • Around a 1000 applications will launch simultaneous when EOS goes live.
  • According to Brock this is “the biggest product launch that has ever been, this is like Windows launching but much bigger. “

And if that isn’t enough Brock also shares his expectation that EOS will raise several billion. And this probably isn’t the ICO alone. EOS is in talks with some venture capital (VCs) and will have a stunning 1 billion dollar fund ready for dApp developers.

Brendan Blumer, CEO of has announced EOS will channel $1 billion of its historical token sales proceeds towards projects built on EOS.

So overall the EOS project is getting more shape when it comes to its plans and marketing for the ecosystem. It looks like EOS will be the “biggest ICO ever” after a 345 day crowdfund. To launch the ecosystem EOS will fund a lot of developers to start with at least a 1000 dApps when the blockchain goes live. Brock Pierce also talked about a very long testnet which which is supposed to go live in the coming months (in 2017).

Exciting times ahead for those following EOS and blockchains in general.

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