EOS Community Conference 2018: Listening to Voice of Global EOS Community from South Korea

EOS Gravity
Jul 17, 2018 · 4 min read

Last month witnessed the exciting moment of Mainnet’s launch. Now it is time for the global EOS community to gather around and make greater plans for the development of EOS ecosystem. EOS Community Conference 2018, a community-organized EOS conference to be held on July 19–20, aims to promote and drive a healthy development for EOS ecosystem. This conference will be held during Korea Blockchain Week 2018 with the help from NodeOne in planning and operation. It will see hundreds of professionals and elites from all over the world meeting in Seoul, demonstrating the best of the whole EOS community to the world.

Although it is proposed and initiated by EOS NodeOne, this conference is a community-driven event, not EOS NodeOne or any particular BP’s. All agenda and topics of the event is determined by the community, for the community. The editorial has been decided by two zoom calls per week beginning July 3, where participants decided agenda by suggesting, voting, etc., much like how the community made the go-no-go decision for Mainnet launch in early June. The Unconference scheduled on 21st Saturday also holds no preset agenda, so that the community shall raise important issues and topics we have to deal with as a collective EOS community.

About the initiator

EOS NodeOne is an EOS BP candidate from Seoul, South Korea and also a wonderful team with international backgrounds consisting of blockchain technology fans and EOS followers. What is unique about NodeOne is this team are making contributions to the long term development of EOS ecosystem by staking EOS tokens, rather than pursuing short term interest by pump and dump. They even have a slogan “Positive Sum World for All”.

EOS NodeOne also boasts of being the biggest and the most dynamic EOS community in South Korea with over 3700 community members and more than 5000 news subscribers. It has partnership with D.CAMP and FoundationX, the best startup and blockchain incubator respectively in the country. Their website is www.eosnodeone.io.

About the conference

VIP Welcome Dinner

No formal agenda during dinner, except for that there will be a lucky draw for a short pitch slots at the conference next day. Korean EOS community welcomes you. Eat, drink & have fun!

EOS Community Conference

Hundreds of blockchain experts and crypto investors participating Korea blockchain week will attend the event. Share ideas and inform audience how EOS can be a game changer in the blockchain world, and what kind of impact we are making as collective EOS community.

EOS Unconference

Topics and agenda will be decided on-site and ad-hoc basis. Participants & facilitators will discuss different agenda for multiple rounds, which conclusion shall be well scribed that they could be later reproduced into a proposal for wider community adoption.


Best wish from EOS Gravity, China

EOS NodeOne’s reputation is well known to us long ago and we have been keeping a good relationship. We truly feel it is extremely lucky for global EOS community to have a champion like NodeOne. EOS Community Conference 2018, the biggest meeting in global EOS community since the Mainnet’s launch, is nothing else than the demonstration of NodeOne’s sincere dedication and effort into the prosperous development of EOS community. Let us wish a complete success for EOS Community Conference 2018!

EOS Gravity

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A top Block Producer with the biggest community in China. Through block, through gravity.

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