Information Disclosure of EOS Gravity

  1. Introduction to EOS Gravity

Founded in September 2017, EOS Gravity is a blockchain ecological community with its headquarters based in Shanghai, China. As a robust community, EOS Gravity has already attracted many blockchain and EOS followers.

EOS Gravity is committed to provide help and support for those who are interested in blockchain technology and to encourage participation in a larger scale through our in-depth analysis and clear guidance on both blockchain technology and the EOS blockchain. EOS Gravity also contributes to the development of EOS ecosystem by providing insightful commentary, the latest news, as well as professional technical support.

Now that the EOS Mainnet has been launched successfully, EOS Gravity will strive to further develop EOS community with focus on various aspects including but not limited to: value information, technical discussions, offline seminars, summit forums, Dapps and so on, all of which will lay a solid foundation for the transition to a whole new world.

2. Community Size

Established in September 2017, EOS Gravity (including Blockchain Kindergarten, Bi Xiao Ye a.k.a. Mr. Know-it-all) has recruited over 150,000 members within 6 months on its Wechat official account.

WeChat is one of the world’s major mobile apps with the largest number of monthly active users. According to statistics, WeChat has already attracted over 1 billion monthly active users and 902 million daily active users respectively.

In addition to WeChat, we have also opened EOS Gravity’s Weibo official account (one of the most popular social media sites in China with over 392 million monthly active users), Customer Service account (one of the top 10 most visited websites in China) and Knowledge Planet account (the largest knowledge payment platform in Asia with more than 100 million active users). By interacting with our users through all these platforms, EOS Gravity has now become the world’s largest EOS ecological community.

3. Information Disclosure

Based on the principle of openness and transparency, we hereby disclose our ownership structure and information. We believe that our disclosure will serve as a positive example for other EOS Block Producer communities in China. Our ongoing effort to increase our contribution to the community through developing EOS Gravity with standardized company management processes will definitely help to spread all relevant information about EOS more efficiently and provide continuing education for our community members and the public.

The information below is our current equity structure. As we continue to grow, we’ll award those members who have made great contributions to our community with a flexible reward mechanism in the future.

4. The ownership of the community (by Jun, 30th, 2018)

Company Entity: Shanghai Wanyun Information Technology Co, Ltd

Taxpayer’s registration number: 913101153244933074

Address: Room 6298, Building 1, №1–9, Lane 99, Shenmei Road, Zhoupu Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Investment and Equity Structure:

Ocean Liao:33.3%

Peter Li :33.3%

INBlockChain :10%

WaterDrip Capital :9%

Alpha Connect Investment:9%

TaiChain Ventures:4.5%

Spectra Ventures:0.9%

5. The Future and Prospects of EOS Gravity

As an early participant and contributor in the development of the EOS ecosystem, EOS Gravity has already become the world’s largest EOS community with the ongoing development of its values and contributions to technical discussions, offline salons, summits and ecological Dapp.

EOS Gravity has cooperated with a number of universities in Shanghai, China to establish and develop China’s largest training center and institution that aims to educate and cultivate technical talents in the blockchain area. By cooperating with the Computer Science Technology College of Fudan University, the EOS developer community has already opened an offline workshop for the education on advanced blockchain technology systems and development capacity. The cooperation between EOS Gravity and various universities in Shanghai aims at cultivating a group of technical talents who are not only very familiar with the technical principles of blockchain, but also highly competent for development practice.

Based on our achievements (including the development courses and source code analysis made by our EOS developer community), we are inspired to spare no effort to promote a platform for applications based on blockchain technology by creating a EOS Developers’ Technical Community, which would cover the complete development process of EOS Dapps.

Since the launch of EOS mainnet, all block producers in the EOS ecosystem are responsible for its secure and steady operation. In order to become a worldwide respected node on the EOS mainnet, we will gather as many resources as possible, including capital, technology, talent and community connections to both consistently produce blocks and develop various EOS Dapps.

Last but not least, our community will always adhere to our values of security, unity, leadership, and growth.

Our goal is to become the world’s top EOS community through dedication to contribution and development.