The Constitution Discussion Week 1

Article Source: EOS Alliance

Initial call schedule:


Monday August 27 at 1300 UTC: 60 minutes in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Test run call registration —

Monday video call #1 registration (English & Chinese, 1300 UTC) —

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Why we’re here today (4 minutes)

We currently have an interim Constitution. We need a ratified Constitution.

Therefore the Token Holders need to vote.

To vote, they need choices to vote on.

We’re going to create two or more choices so the Token Holders have a clear choice and can make a clear decision.

Once that happens, we will settle many issues and have a fully ratified Constitution.

We are in Week 1 of a 12 week process to create those clear choices.

Change your name (2 minutes)

Change your name to include your country or city (add “[F]” for Facilitator)

Example: “Thomas Cox — USA” or “Kev — USA [F]”

If you are willing to facilitate today, please add “[F]” after your name. We may need extra facilitators.

To facilitate, you (A) share your screen, (B) follow the directions on screen

Sequence of Events in this Meeting (3 minutes)

Get a briefing on the process (right now)

Go to break-out rooms of 4–6 people and discuss thoughts on the Constitution

Each room creates a summary and picks a spokesperson

Report back to the whole group

Thank you and closing

What to do in the break out group (30 minutes)

Everyone take a turn: What’s your name? What’s 1 thing you love about EOS?

Everyone take a second turn. Answer the question:

  • What is the most important thing a Constitution must do for EOS Mainnet? And why?
  • What are you most worried about regarding the Constitution of EOS Mainnet? Why — what do you fear might happen?

Ask each other some clarifying questions so you understand each other. Do not try to argue or persuade today. Just try to understand.

Pick a person to be your spokesperson back in the main room.

Summarize your room (15 minutes)

For each room

  • Who is your spokesperson?
  • What is your summary?
  • What are the main points that were made?
  • What agreement was there?
  • What disagreement was there?


What is one thing to make this process better next time?

What was your favorite part of this experience?