Main Sale Cancellation

Dear Eosinterest community!
As you are aware, our main sale was launched on Feb 15, 2019. However, reflective of the current bear market in the crypto sphere and depleting interest and community trust in ICOs, the community response was less than ideal. That, we understand, as a predictable behavior after many $ multi-million ICOs floundered or founders exit scammed, all but in name.
Current market conditions are not conducive for the continuation of eosinterest network main sale. Also, the lack of community interest and the absence of new money in the crypto sphere mean even the most genuine of new projects would find it hard to defend the token value once they are listed.
After careful observation of prevailing market climate vis a vis a new DEX, which is our core project, we have decided to suspend the eosinterest main sale and return all community proceedings to ICO participants.
Accordingly, all members who have contributed to the main sale and pre-sale will receive the full amount of their ICO contribution in the token of choice that they have contributed (BTC, ETH, NEO)
We will also send an email to each participants, outlining conditions that led to the suspension of the main sale.
If you have not receive a refund email, please contact with the payment proof (transaction hash).
We will make sure all participants will receive their refunds by Friday the 8th. We are sorry, but this is the best we can do in the interest of the community and the eosinterest network project.
What next:
Despite the cancelation of the main sale, eosinterest network project will continue with available private investor funds. In terms of the development, we will stick to the time line stipulated in the whitepaper. However, the timing of the launch of the DEX should be readjusted depending on the market conditions in order to avoid a huge operational loss. At the moment, even the centralized exchanges are running at a loss, and are surviving on pump and dumps and cannibalizing on longs and shorts.
Airdrop tokens:
As noted above, the launching date would be subject to the improved market climate. Bare with us.
Thank you!
Eosinterest Team