EOSIO.SG Introduced FINDEX on EOS Family Day

Jul 25, 2018 · 3 min read

FINDEX is a community-governing decentralised exchange on EOS mainnet, it doesn’t require users to deposit token into the exchange and can provide a swift & smooth experience similar to centralised exchange. On 24th July 2018, EOSIO.SG attended the ‘EOS Family Day’ in Shanghai and introduced FINDEX to all the attending BPs and DAPP developers during the event.

The ‘EOS Family Day’ invited numerous professionals and teams including Thomas Cox, Brock Pierce and EOSIO.SG. This is not only a meet up for EOS ecosystem, but also a family gathering for EOS big family.

Brock revealed in the welcome address that EOS VC will invest one billion dollars to support the development of DAPPs. The TPS of EOS will exceed 10000 and even 50000 in the foreseeable future, the higher TPS will create more possibilities for more and more DAPPs including DEX.

Thomas Cox shared the ideas about the community governance. Thomas said, a successful community governance can’t be achieved without right decisions and efficient execution. The clear boundary of duty, the mutual supervision, low-cost dispute settlement method also play import roles in the community governance. All these ideas are consistent with the principles of FINDEX community governance.

EOS expert, John Milburn introduced to the audience that Block.one is trying to lower the cost of creating account on EOS so that every EOS token holder can have their own account. At the same time, the team is testing Bancor protocol and hopefully in the future, the investor can not only long RAM but also short RAM. This will create more opportunities for DEX since there will be more and more investment choices.

At last, EOSIO.SG showcased the DAPPs along with other outstanding DAPP develop teams. EOSIO.SG introduced FINDEX to the audience, and it drawn attendants’ attention for its security, reliability and high-performance.

The Family Day Event has made EOS teams across the world get more familiar with each other, and made more people get to know FINDEX, we believe that FINDEX will become better and better in the future, making more contributions to the EOS ecosystem.