Longhash Sharing

Jan 23 · 2 min read

2019 Jan 22nd, our CTO deadlock has been invited to Longhash event ‘Around the Block’ for a sharing session on EOS infrastructure and ecosystem.

Deadlock first joined an panel to discuss some general questions below.

1. Can you please describe the blockchain you represent in one sentence?

2. Please share your current/ previous role with your project, and what drew you to it in the beginning?

3. What makes your blockchain and ecosystem special? What is the philosophy behind it?

4. What is the current focus and future direction of your blockchain and ecosystem?

5. Can you highlight one project in the ecosystem and share their story?

6. In blockchain trilogy, which has EOS abandoned?

Sharing BOSCore Side Chain

Deadlock also gave an open lecture not to the crowd at site but also to more than 500 online stream viewers.

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