Lower House Edge and More Dividend.

Nov 26, 2018 · 3 min read

Dear Community,

In these turbulent times in the crypto market we understand investors worry about their teams long term commitment to a project.

Rest assured that our team of developers worked at some of the biggest tech companies in the world and set aside money in order to pursue their dream of building the most advanced gambling ecosystem in the world. We did not need to do a crowd-sale.

Our team is committed to the long term growth of EOSJacks and we are prepared to withstand a burn rate of over 1 year as we build out the platform.

EOSJacks now has the fastest blockchain based Blackjack in the world and our next game is currently in development.

Stay tuned for our latest developments and don’t forget to spread the word! Together we can build the most innovative decentralized gambling ecosystem in the world!

We knew this would not be easy, nothing great ever is. Coming into this project we knew it would take a lot of hard work to achieve our goals and we are glad to have you all on board for the ride.

As we value our players, we are going to make the following changes. All changes will be effective no late than 00:00 11/27/2018 UTC.

  1. Dice House Edge: 2% -> 1.5%
  2. Game House Edge Split: 45% dividend, 20% team, 20% referral, 1% Jackpot, 3% Leaderboard, 3% Arena, 3% Key Battle.

We have extend the running time for LeaderBoard, Arena, Key battle while lowering their percentage split from the house edge as we value players more than miners. Miners used to take what’s in the three pool in short time. Also more split goes to dividend pool now. It will benefit all token holders.

Recent Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  1. We had some hard fork issue for displaying dice results as well as ending blackjack Games, we pushed a fix and actively monitoring it.

You may see yourself winning/losing but later you found you actually lost/won.

a. User got Tx0, he might won according to Tx0, our platform displayed Tx0’s results.

b. Mainnet rolled back Tx0, invalidated it, sending out Tx1, in Tx1, the dice results are different.

As our platform will always judge the results by data on the chain. The actual result is the one showing on the chain in TX1. In fact, you will not be able to trace Tx0 on any block explorer, it’s rolled back by the chain.

2. We added 1/2x and 2x functionality to our betting panel to facilitate martin betting in BlackJacks.

3. We added DICE to our supported tokens.

4. Improved UI effects for DICE game.

Let me know if you find any bug, or have any suggestions!



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