EOSLaoMao and JEDA participate in Tokyo EOS Weekend activities

On Nov 3 and 4, EOS Japan’s BP EOSLaoMao and JEDA jointly attended the EOS Weekend event held by HashHub in Tokyo, Japan. The conference lasts for two days, mainly targeting EOS developers and technology enthusiasts. The event site is divided into two parts: technical communication and practical learning.

During the conference, a number of fans and developers of EOS also shared the theme, from the basic knowledge of EOS to the development of DApp and the development environment of the existing ecology.

The theme of EOSLaoMao for developers is Play with EOS blcokchain.Including Setup a Local Testnet, get Blockchain data, creating EOS Local wallet and EOS account.

The projects that EOSLaoMao has done are shown below:

JEDA shares the theme of Getting started with eosjs &Scatter.

In the actual operation, the node communicates with the developer face to face

The conference attracted the attention of media from different channels, well-known fans of blockchain and large Japanese consortium, who came to the site to have in-depth exchanges with the nodes and exchanged their opinions on the development of EOS in Japan and the follow-up promotion.

Our EOSLaoMao team believes that such purely technical exchange activities can directly confront fans and developers and create a better environment for them to understand and learn about EOS development. At the same time, we believe such activities have far-reaching significance. As a node of EOS, the EOSLaoMao team is willing to devote more efforts to carrying out such activities with the community in the future.



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