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Sep 20, 2018 · 3 min read
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On the 15th of October 2018, a new star will rise from the Kalahari. The EOS Botswana community will be launched under the able leadership of Mrs. Alakanani Itireleng and Mr. Koketso Pelo. Botswana is by far one of Africa’s most promising nations. The country is among the world’s fastest growing economies, averaging about 5% growth per annum over the past decade. Private sector employment average per annum ranged about 10%. Botswana has been praised by the African Development Bank for maintaining one of the world’s longest economic booms.

Botswana just like many African countries is ripe for a titanic disruption of it’s various economic sectors from agriculture to finance. This disruption we believe will be facilitated by blockchain technology and specifically EOS. EOS has proven so far to be the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. A look at blocktivity.info shows EOS is among the top 3 leading block-chain protocols in terms of activity. EOS is built to handle thousands of commercial scale DAPPS. In addition to scalability, EOS is built on a governance model that enables dispute resolution and self-funded community benefit initiatives. We see EOS as the best technology for Botswana as it seeks to build enterprise scale DAPPS for it’s various economic sectors. For EOS, this is of great benefit to the community as the technology gets adopted in one of Africa’s strongest and most stable economies.

The leadership of EOS Botswana has extensive experience and knowledge around blockchain technology. Mrs. Alakanani Itireleng has been the CEO of Satoshi Centre since it’s founding in 2014. The Satoshi Centre mainly concentrates on encouraging entrepreneurs to use blockchain technology to solve some of Africa’s main problems. The center organizes summits, blockchain and crypto currency training. The center was awarded an excellence award in blockchain incubation at the Global Blockchain Congress in South Africa in 2018.

Mr. Koketso Pelo is the co-founder of Plaas, a mobile web platform that seeks to enable farmers and cooperatives to manage dairy farming products and stock on block chain technology. Plaas has partnered with Centre for Agriculture and Policy Development (CAPD) to bolster agricultural development in Africa. Some of the solutions proposed by this partnership will enable Africa to solve some of it’s most biting food security needs.

EOS Botswana will receive support from the EOS Nairobi community in setting up the community. EOS Nairobi will among other things provide developer training support on EOS, community growth and education support as well as increasing adoption of EOS in Botswana. As EOS Nairobi, our promise to the EOS global community to enhance blockchain adoption on the African continent still stands. In line with this promise, we have partnered with Genesis Block Africa to launch EOS communities across Africa. In the next two months we will be announcing the launch of communities in Togo, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Sudan amongst others.

We want to thank the EOS Global community for their continued support for the initiatives we have launched in Africa. We hope to grow the EOS Developer community on the continent and abroad, enabling businesses all over the continent to adopt EOS as the underlying block chain infrastructure for enterprise and governance. We want to assure the EOS Botswana community of our full support as they build an EOS powerhouse on the continent. Most welcome to the EOS Community Botswana!

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