Ambassador Spotlight | Samuel Joseph | Nigeria

When we first announced the EOS Nation Ambassador program in March 2018, we were not sure what to expect.

At the time, we could not offer much to our Ambassadors because we did not even know if we would ever earn any block rewards as EOS Nation months later when the network would finally launch. Would people even apply to such a program? Turns out that yes, a lot of people applied! This was a really exciting time for us and it was one of the first signs that our EOS Nation values and goals resonated with the community and we might actually have a shot at becoming a paid Block Producer on the EOS network.

Six months ago Samuel Joseph was one of the first people to apply to the program and he left a comment on our original Steemit post.

As it turns out, it should have been us that was looking forward to meeting Sam!

Sam has been a tremendous force for good in his community, educating many people across different cities about the principals of blockchain and the potential of EOS.

Even before joining EOS Nation in March 2018, Samuel Joseph was already a public advocate for blockchain and the platform Steemit since 2016. By combining his strong work ethics with an intense passion for EOS, Samuel Joseph has now positioned himself as a leader of the EOS community in Nigeria, and we are very proud to have him on our EOS Nation team.

Samuel has hosted two EOS Nation Meetups across different cities in Nigeria as part of his efforts to grow his local EOS community.

In August, EOS Nation sponsored Samuel so he could attend a large blockchain conference (African Cheetah Blockchain Conference, August 3rd) and it was while networking at this event, that a business owner from Port Harcourt offered some un-used office space, for free, that Samuel could use to further along his blockchain education goals. Samuel’s idea was immediately to open a blockchain hub that would allow local students to gather and learn about blockchain. Of course, we thought that was a fantastic idea and we partnered with Samuel to launch the EOS Nation Blockchain Hub in Port Harcourt which opened on September 22nd, 2018.

Thank you Samuel Joseph for all the contributions you have made for EOS so far, we are excited to see where the next 6 months will take you!

If you are interested in becoming an EOS Nation Ambassador fill out the application form HERE.

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