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Sep 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Devcon is the first EOS developer/Dapp focused conference, which will be held in Tampa Florida Jan 21–25, 2019.

The event is being organized by Jarib Figueredo (Founder of HorusPay) and Yohann “Bluejays” Calpu (EOSRad.io). Yohann is one of the earliest supporters of the EOS ecosystem and played a critical role in bringing the community together from day 1. HorusPay is one of the first exciting dApps built on the EOS platform.

When we first heard this conference was taking place, we immediately saw the value it would provide the EOS community. We were the first sponsor to sign on back in August, and since then, many others have joined and it’s turning out to be quite the lineup!

Some of the latest additions to the conference are:

  • Ivan Liljeqvist (Ivan on Tech) as Master of Ceremonies.
  • Investing with a Difference (IWAD) one of the top YouTube/Telegram channels for community education.
  • EOS Tribe and OCI (Object Computing Inc.) will run their workshop
  • CARMEL.io (The First EOS Based Tech Education Platform) who is also playing a roll in our Education Hub in Nigeria.
  • Ashe Oro (FreedomProxy), Luke Stokes (EOSdac), and Raman Bindlish(IWAD) are co-hosting a panel, discussing all the BP related topics/issues.

The full list of presenters can be found at https://eosdevcon.io/

We hope to see you all there!

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